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I woke up on the cold floor, 'smells rotten here.' I said in my mind, What is this madness going on..

I thought it would be a happily every after but it turns out in complete Horror and Madness, it's a sick turn for me.

"Oh you woked up." I heard a man opening my cell.

He grabbed my faced and forced me to look at him directly. He slapped me "You're giving me a headache, Don't do anything that may cause this household too much attention."

I stayed quite he pick up the knife and drag the flat part of the knife on my face.

"What a beautiful face.. It's such a waste if I don't experiment with it.." This man is crazy! How he can this be cruel?!

He cut my cheek, but not so deep, I wince in pain, he put salt in it I scream. I kick his manhood.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!!" He kicked me multiple times. I try not to scream. 'End this pain'

-Sapnap POV-

I come up to the 2nd floor of this house hold, I check the rooms but there's no one in here, just old dusty rooms with broken furnitures, I slowly walk my way downstairs trying not to break the platform I'm standing on.

I heard someone's walking, "Hey there's intruder!!" A man said, they're 4, I ran and hide.

'This is suck! I'm not going to hide all day!' I sneak at the man and struggle him to death.

"Now, only 3 of you suckers"I whisper, I keep my head lay low, and being quite as possible, I'm gonna help my friend get out of this madness.

I saw George Heading down stairs in the basement I think.

I saw the other guy I grabbed a big rock and Smashed it on his head the other guy Point a flash light at me, I quickly grab the gun on the hand of the lifeless body.

'Ah shit.' I said and charge the armed guy pointing a knife at me.

"Who are you!" Said the guy pointing at me. I headbutt him and we both felt dizzy 'Damn Why did I do that.'

I point a gun on him, "now Tell me, is there a girl held captive here?" I'm about to pull the trigger.

"S-She's Downstair-" someone cutted him off we heard a scream behind him, it was dream killing the other guy, his Hatchet were on his head, I saw Dream slowly losing himself.

Dream dashed towards the guy I'm speaking to and Grab his head and snapping his neck. The guy instantly killed by dream.

Dream Grab my wrist and we ran down to basement.

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