The Huntress (Supernatural Fanfic)

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I do not own the rights of Supernatural by Erik Kripke. I only wrote this from entertainment purposes.

It takes place in Season 8.


Valerie's POV

"Your dad has a cool job, I'm glad he came today." I say as my friend, Mary and I walk home from school.

"Yes, he likes his job." Mary agrees. She stops walking and looks at me "Why didn't your parents come today?"

"They were too busy." I lie, but she obviously didn't believe me.

"If they're so busy, what's their jobs?" Mary asks. She's been wanting to know ever since our teacher said we were having a "Career day." But the thing is I can't tell her. For as long as I can remember, my parents have been hunters.

"I can't tell you." I mumble. Mary starts walking again, but she still looks at me. "I can't!" Mary finally gives up and my stomach turns.

Mary being my best friend, she could tell something was wrong. "What?"

"I'm going to go this way today." I point to the main street. Usually I walk with her, but today it doesn't feel right.

"Umm. Okay. Call me tonight, crazy." Mary waves and I start walking the other direction. I feel like today was the last day I would see her.

I have no idea why I wanted to go this way. The minute I looked away from Mary and to this street I could tell something was wrong. In reality, I'm not allowed to come this way alone. My parents say that it isn't safe for an eighth grader. Though, they've been overprotective.

I know that their job is important, but they spend more time doing it than being with me. Most nights I have to make my own dinner and put myself to bed.

I cross the street and see the "Grab 'n' go" store. Something was wrong. No one was there. Usually there are tons of people catching coffee or a snack for that nights football game. For some reason, I find myself slowly getting closer and closer to it, getting off the route home. Then it hits me, what if my parents were in there.

I'm doing exactly what my parents taught me, go by your gut feeling. Dropping my bag on the ground, I reach in my pocket for my knife. I'm only supposed to use it for emergencies, but this is good enough. Taking a quick glance at the store was a bad idea. The minute I do, I see blood splatter on the wall. Humain blood. My fingers fumble around the knife I've never used before.

I start to run towards the door and stop in my tracks. A man screams in pain. My legs wobble as I urge myaelf to keep going.

Dean's POV

"Sam!" The demon puts his hand up and Sam hits the wall. Being saskwatch, Sam hits the ceiling on the way there. Blood trickles from his head. I grab my knife and look at it. All I wanted was some coffee! I sneak a peek from behind the front desk. The demon was looking away. On my hands and knees, I crawl toward the demon. What ever meat-suit it was using, it was hard to tell what gender. It was either a fat man or fat woman.

The demon quickly turns arounds and scratches my chest. My blood splatters on the window and I try to ignore the pain. I need to help Sammy. Throwing a punch at the demon makes it let go of Sam. I get up and the demon uses it's force or whatever thing to push Sam back on the wall along with me.

It laughs. "The Winchesters. This is very appetizing." It smiles and with one flick of it's hand, a bone crunching sound comes from Sammy. He lets out a scream and then the demon faces me. It grabs me and pulls me closer. Once I was closer I could see that it was a girl, but that didn't really matter at this point.

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