Chapter 20

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Grey's POV

I shake Valerie awake. "Eerie wake up!" She jumps and I laugh.

"You know I don't like it when you call me Eerie!" She yells. I smile, she has no idea where she is. Eerie opens her eyes and looks like she was hit in the head. "Where am I?"

"Your home," I smile and take her hand.

"No, I'm dead." She says. I laugh, she said it in such a weird tone. "Seriously, where am I?"


"I don't live in a palace Grey!"

"Yes we do. Did you know you're a princess?" I ask.

"What kind of Princess?"

"You're Princess of the Crossroads. And this palace is yours." I say pulling her out of her bed. Servants immediately come to her and put her into a dress.

"Oh, I get it! I'm in heaven, right?" She smiles. All her dreams are coming true. "That's why your here."

"No, you aren't in heaven. You are the Princess of the Crossroads. CROSSROADS. You're in hell." She looks at me like I'm crazy. The servants were done changing her.

"I don't get it. If I'm here, why is everything so fancy? And why are you here?"

"I'm here because I'm considered Half Prince of the Crossroads. Anyway, you have a lot of remembering to do. Let's go to the throne room." I pull her by her arms and the huge doors swing open.

Valerie's POV

The palace doors open widely and Grey pulls me through. It was a huge throne room. One side there were a line of boys and on the other was a line of girls.

We walk towards the throne. The King gets up and smiles. "My beautiful daughter." He had a strong accent. The King pulls me into a huge hug. "I've missed you, Valerie. I'm your father, Crowley." I stare at him blankly. "Oh, I almost forgot. Here." Crowley turns around and opens a box a Demon was holding.

When he turns back around he was holding a ruby necklace. He puts it around my neck and the minute the clamp shuts all my memories come back. I knew who he was. I cry and jump into his arms. "Daddy!"

"Do you understand what's going on?" He asks with a smile. I shake my head. Frankly that was the only thing I didn't know. Dad pulls me towards the side with the line of boys. "These are your brothers. Ones before Grey. Twin Brothers that weren't supposed to be born." He pulls me to the line on girls. "This is you, everything you've ever been."

Now that I have a closer look, I see that everyone of them looked exactly like me. I'm suddenly getting visions of all the lives I've had before. I remember being everyone of these girls.

"This is... Katherine, Maggie, Elizabeth, Ingrid, Madison, Fiona and Lydia. But Valerie, you are the most important. You are the one who becomes a Demon. A full Demon." He pulls me and Grey into the middle of the room. He claps his hands and all of the girls' spirits soak into me and the guys' into Grey.

My ruby necklace glows and I feel so much more powerful now than before. Grey smiles. I could get used to this. Dad takes me and Grey around the palace and he talks to us. I've missed Dad even if I completely didn't know about him until now.

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