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Final Chapter- Three Months Later

Valerie's POV

The car was silent on the way to the Gateway to hell. Though, I could feel the tension in the car. Dean never looked away from the road, Sam kept looking out the window and Castiel looked straight ahead. Though, the worst part was that I had to keep my promises. I have to kill my father.

I tried to get everyone into conversation, but nothing worked. I just want to know what everyone was thinking. "Can someone just say something?!" I yell. Dean pretends not to hear me. I sigh. The last three months we've all drifted apart. "Please."

"Maybe, I'll say something," Dean starts. "But only if you explain where you've been disappearing to all the time!" I grit my teeth and scowl.

"Okay, I went..." I stop myself. He told me not to say that I've been visitin Him. Everyone thinks He's dead.

"Fine, conversation over." Dean replies. I could tell that by the way Sam was sitting, he was rolling his eyes.

"Dean, maybe she can't say, like she's been saying all this time?" Sam asks.

"Exactly!" I agree. But Dean just continues to look ahead. We all shift uncomfortably in the car.

"Castiel do you know?" Sam says. I can't believe he's taking Dean's side on this! Castiel looks at me. Ever since I met him he's had that creepy look about him.

Dean interrupts. "Cas, I want an answer!"

Castiel continues to look at me and I start to get uncomfortable. His eyes go wide. "I can't believe I didn't notice this before." He says.

"What?" Sam asks eagerly. I shake my head to Castiel.

"God's alive?" I face-palm and sigh. Sam and Dean look back. They were just as surprised as Castiel. When Dean looks back to the road he hits the breaks.

The seatbelt locks and I start to cough. "What was that for?" Sam yells. When we all look up we see them.

"Were here!" Dean says. We get out of the Impala and meet the gang of demons. Dad and Grey were in the front of the group. My stomach clenches when I see just how many demons were behind them. There were 4 of us and 5000 of them. Before I know it, Sam and Dean make a break for the gateway. It just stands there like the remains of a broken down castle.

The demons follow us to the gate. They all scream like they were angry. Just about halfway to the gate we're stopped by even more demons in front of us. Face it, we're screwed!

"Hello, boys." Dad says to Sam, Dean and Castiel. Crowley walks up beside me and Grey goes beside Sam. We all stand in a circle with demons surrounding us. The order went me, Crowley, Castiel, Sam, Grey, Dean then me again.

"Hey." Dean says awkwardly. Almost immediately I put my knife up to my father.

Dad puts his hands up an the demons start to get noisy again. "You're own father, Valerie?"

"I have to. My whole life, I was lied to. Then, when I found out that you, YOU, were my father I didn't like it!"

"But we have so many fond memories together." He pleads.

"I don't care, it still makes you a lying, stealing filth of a father. Elizabeth was right to kill you." I say. When I finished I was out of breath and turned red.

"Okay, then." Crowley looks beside him and puts an angelic sword up to Castiel. "I guess I don't have to say much about you. I just don't like you." Castiel turns and puts his angelic sword up to Sam.

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