Chapter 30

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Sam's POV

We've moved motels yet once again and Valerie hasn't woken up. We were all starting to get worried. Dean carries her on to her bed and I start talking to Castiel.

"I don't know what to do anymore with her." I say. Castiel didn't answer and I take it as he doesn't know what to do either. Dean comes back out.

"She's in there. Cas, can you watch her?" Dean asks. Castiel nods and walks inside. But right now, Dean and I need to push everything aside because we have a case and we can't be distracted.

Dean pulls the car up to the side of the barn. There's been a pattern going on here. People would walk through it and never come out. It was an abandoned barn too. We found out that the farmer who used to own it, died here. He was killed when his tractor fell on him.

I open the barn doors and Dean turns on the flashlight.

"Hey, look." Dean points the beam to the ground and I look closer.

"Footprints, and they're recent." I say. That was a horrible sign, that meant someone was here. Right now! We hear a scream inside the barn and we jump. Looking for the ghost or the victim, Dean moved the light beam everywhere.

Someone screams again, but it actually sounded like words. After a few more screams, I could tell what they were saying. "Watch out!"

Then Dean's voice echoed through the barn. "Sammy!" I look at him, but didn't notice the thing I should be. A tractor falls on me. My legs were crushed underneath it. Though it didn't hurt when it fell on me. I don't think that was the grand finale. "Sammy, you okay?" Dean grabs my hand.

The tractor headlights turn on. Then the roaring of the engine rang in my ears. I was positioned in a way that the tractor would most definitely squish my head flat. Dean tries to pull me, but I wouldn't budge. The tractor starts to slowly move and Dean stops pulling.

"Dean, what are you doing? Help me!" I yell. Just about when my head would be squished, Dean pulls me out from under the tractor.

"I was waiting for the right moment." He replies out of breath. Someone screams again and Dean points the flashlight towards them. There was a girl in her thirties hanging from the ceiling by her neck. I quickly climb up the ladder to the second floor.

We move a haystack right next to her and I jump on it. I cut the rope with the scissors Val got me. She falls perfectly into Dean's arms and he takes her out to the Impala. The ghost pops up and I don't bother taking a chance. I use the rock salt filled gun and shoot it.

Dean drives us to where the farmer was buried and then we burn his bones. After we drive the women home and start to head back to out motel.

Castiel's POV

"Again, something is wrong with you." I mutter. I get an idea and take a look around. Seeing that no one was there I stick my hand into her soul. She doesn't even squirm, making it so much easier. I could feel her and Elizabeth's souls.

Elizabeth's POV

This was perfect. I was keeping Valerie back. It is so worth it. She doesn't deserve to be immortal. I do.

If she keeps this up, she'll have no power left. Valerie will just give up and then, I'll pretend to be her. I plan to taunt her for the rest of her life. Which won't ever be ending.

Dean's POV

When Sam and I got back to the hotel, I totally lost all hope. Valerie was still asleep. Well, I hope she's asleep.

"I know why Valerie is asleep. Elizabeth is holding her back." Castiel says.

I hated that Elizabeth. Her and Valerie were the same person, but I still hated her. "Then how do we make her stop?" I ask. Castiel shrugs.

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