Chapter 17

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Valerie's POV

I wake up to Sam and Dean starring at me. Both of them looked like they didn't get any sleep. "Come one, Val. We're going to finish this case and leave as soon as possible." Sam says. So I get dressed and follow Sam and Dean out to the car.

They stop driving when we reach a forest. There was a vamp nest around here. "No one leaves my sight." Dean says. We head out into the forest. I try to stay as close as possible to Dean. A shadow goes by and I turn. "What is it Val?"

"I thought I saw something."

"Well, stay close to the group." Dean says. I stay and look where the shadow was. The shadow moves by again and I reach for my knife. Though it wasn't there.

"Hey, I lost my knife." I swing myself around to not see Sam or Dean in sight. "Sam! Dean!" I yell and try to guess where they went. The shadow goes by again and I scream.

"Val!" I hear, but it was very faint. I get a shiver down my back. Something was watching me. I see the shadow again. It runs by a tree. "Val, where are you?" I start to run, but I see the shadow closer to me than it was before.

My knees buckle and I fall.

"Val, you okay?" I hear Dean say right behind me. Dean picks me up and turns me around. I gasp. It wasn't Dean at all. Though I couldn't see who exactly who it was. "Goodbye." They say in Dean's voice. I shear pain hits my stomach. Something rips and then I feel warm blood. My eyes were blurred with tears and I cry in pain. The rip left pain as if it were an echo.

I look down to see the color red. Oh, how I hate that color. Past the blood...

I see my knife lodged into my stomach.

The murderer disappears and I feel a gust of wind. "Val? Where are you?" The real De...

Dean's POV

"Sam! Where's Val?" Sam shakes his head and we both go looking for her. My heart was beating faster with everyone step. "Val?! Not again, why does she do this?" I say.

"Val!" Sam cups his hands around his mouth. In the moonlight I could see his furrowed brows. We continue to run to where we were. I look back and my foot hits something. My heart beats loudly as I turn to see what it was. Sam and I go silent.

"Son of a bitch!" Was the only thing I could think of.

"Val?" Sam strokes her cheek. He waves his hand in front of her eyes, but they were motionless. Sam looks away. I, on the other hand, keep looking at her.

"I'm sorry, Val. It was our fault for bringing you here. I close her eyes with my fingers and I sit on the ground beside her.

Sam's POV

I wipe my eyes and turn around to Dean. Just seeing him makes me want to cry. He looks like he didn't even care that this poor, little girl died. I get up and offer Dean a hand. After a while, I end up dragging Val back to the car. I sit in the back seat with her in my arms and Dean starts the car.

We finally get back to the apartment. Dean lies on the bed and I put Val's body on the other one. I look at her. Pulling the knife out of her stomach makes mine turn. Usually something like that wouldn't make me do that, but it was her knife.

"I'm gonna find the Demon who killed her! I'm gonna rip him to shreds!" Dean paces around the room. Suddenly, he went from calm to mad.

"Dean," I say almost wanting to pace with him. "What if it wasn't a Demon or vampire? Her own knife was the knife lodged in her stomach. She might've killed herself." I dread saying it, but someone had to.

"No! It was a Demon and I'm gonna kill it." He protests. "We are not leaving this motel room until we find whatever killed her."

"Dean, can we at least bury the body or something, first."

We drive back to her home town in Texas and bury her in her family's backyard. It was the right thing to do anyways.

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