Chapter 11

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It's starting to get cold. Sam and Dean have been unconscience ever since Dean killed the Demon. I'm afraid that they're dead. Then I would have nobody. Stop, don't think about that! Focus! The sun has gone down and the moon has risen making the warehouse even more creepy.

Blood spilled everywhere. I need to help them and fast. I grab Sam by the arm and pull. Unfortunatly I'm not strong enough. I pull one more time. I fall on the ground and start to cry.

"Castiel!" My voice echoes through the warehouse. The fear of what I just did overwhelmes me and makes me think of what he would do to me. Only if Uncle Bobby were still alive, I would live with him. A gust a wind blows my long black hair into my face.

I turn around and the first thing I saw were Castiel's eyes. He was angry. "You hurt them!" I shake my head furiously.

"No, it was the Demon!" Tears falls off of my face and hit the ground. The tears fell into the puddle of blood. Castiel walks over to me and I brace myself. Instead, he heals Sam and Dean. They wake up, but before they could see me, Castiel starts dragging me away.

I scream as he pulls on the collar of my shirt, choking me. Dean sees what's happening and gets up. He grabs me ans pulls me into my arms, while Sam makes another circle out of blood. Dean puts me into my arms and I shut my eyes.

Dean's POV

She was trembling. Sam got in the driver's seat and I bring Val in the back with me. I put her on my lap and rock her back and forth. We were all a mess, and so was my car.

It was midnight and we were tired. I can't believe she came with us. Though, she did somehow save us again.

Back at the motel, Sam offers to clean the car whilst I clean Val up. Having other people's blood on herself must becoming a tradition. I know how it feels. It truly sucks.

I wet a towel with warm water and start to rub the dry blood. Val was shaking so much that it took more than an hour. Finally when I was done, I brought her into her bed. She fell asleep instantly and I stayed with her.

Valerie's POV

I woke up to arguing:

"Why'd you let her come hunting?!" I open my eye just a peek to see Dean at Sam's throat. Sam throws his hands up.

"I told you. She wanted it. You know I wouldn't just bring her." I suddenly feel a pair of eyes on me. Though, they weren't Sam or Dean's. I turn and in the other bed was Castiel. Without thinking I fling myself off the bed. Dean comes to me.

"Even if he wanted to hurt you, he can't" Dean says.

"If she never showed up, Dean, my powers wouldn't be gone." Castiel continues to stare at me.

"Can we just stop bickering?" Sam sighs and sits down.

"We wouldn't be bickering if you didn't let her come." Dean mutters. I get chills from his breath on my neck and I hide my face. I don't want to look at anyone anymore. "What's wrong?"

"Are you feeling okay, Valerie?" I could tell by the way Sam said that that he was shooting a puppy dog face.


"She won't answer you when you call her that," Castiel says. What does he mean by that? It's my name! "Hey, Princess." I look up without thinking.

"You heard that?!" I ask in awe.

"So, I'm assuming that your father is some kind of king," Castiel concludes. Dean makes me stand up.

"Again with the father thing? Castiel, let it go." Dean furrows his eyebrows.

"No, Dean. The demon called her a princess and that the king would be happy that he would be alive." Castiel puts the icepack on his head as if he were really hurt. Dean turns me around so he could see my face. I could tell by his expression he wanted to know what this was all about. I shrug. The brothers sigh.

Sam's fingers tap on the table. He sighs, "I can't find anything about Kings or Princesses." Dean slams his hands on the table and takes the laptop from Sam.

This was getting too complicated. I can't take it anymore. Why did the Demon call me princess? Was I the demon's princess?

Castiel looks at me. "Good question." He says. What?!

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