Chapter 28

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Valerie's POV

That night I dreamed of the time I met Castiel, but when I got to my death, I woke up. Castiel stared at me and then held my hand. "I just wanted to make sure you'd know why you got that potion for me." He disappears and Sam walks in.

"Hey, looks like you've seen a ghost." Sam jokes. I fall back asleep and when I wake up again it's morning.

Sam and Dean were watching T.V. "No way! You're watching Dr. Sexy!" I yell in excitement. They nod while I sit next to them.

"You know we've met Dr. Sexy." Dean brags. I laugh.

"How? When? You met the actor?"

"No, we met the Dr. Sexy. He was a d-bag." Dean says. We all watch T.V the rest of the day. Then I remember something.

"Hey, guys, I've got something for you. Merry Christmas." They turn to look at me and I see the eyes open wide.

"Really?" Sam asks. "We haven't celebrated that in a while." Sam laughs and I hand him his present.

"Don't get to many ideas, they aren't amazing presents." I tell them while handing Dean his. "Dean, you go first." He unwraps the tiny present and smiles.

"A keychain," he lifts it up so he can read it. "Don't come between me and my car." He laughs and gives me a hug.

"Okay, Sam, your turn." I say. Sam opens the bag and gives me a confused expression.

"Scissors." I say calmly. "So you can cut your hair." But I couldn't hold it in so I start laughing. Dean joins in and soon Sam.

"Thanks, good joke." Sam puts it down and pushes his long hair back. "Or maybe," he picks it back up. "I can cut your hair." Him and Dean hold me down laughing. I squirm, I get the joke, but if they cut my hair, they're gonna get it.

They let go of me and Dean says, "You're the Huntress, I'm surprised you didn't steal anything."

I smile. "Well..." I reach my hand under the bed and take out a case of beer. "I might've stolen this." Sam and Dean smile and grab the case.

"Thanks, Val. Dean and I got you a present too. It isn't as funny as your presents, but here." They give me a tiny bag. I push the tissue paper aside. At the bottom of the bag there was a necklace. It was a pentagram.

"Wow! Thank's guys." Dean takes it from me and was about to put it on me. He notices my ruby necklace my Dad gave me. I take it off. Before throwing it in the garbage, I hesitate. I still remember everything, so I throw it out. Dean resumes to putting it on me.

I turn around and give him a hug. Then I hug Sam. While I was he picks the scissors up and makes sure I can hear it chopping through the air. Both of us laugh.

"You know, being right here right now makes me feel normal. Like I never died and like I never became a Demon." I say. "Thanks again, guys." Sam and Dean look at each other like they knew something.

Dean opens his bottle of beer and takes a sip. "Val, try some."

I push it away. "No way."

"Come on! I tried beer around your age. Come on, do it! It's not like you're going to end up like me." Dean pushes the bottle back in my face.

"I will grow up soon, so I rather not."

"Ya, Val, about that. You aren't really a Demon. You are just immortal." Sam adds.

"Yes, exactly. Try some." Dean says. This was huge news, but there was so much that I can't explain except for saying I was a Demon. "Come on! Don't think about it too much. Try it." I grab the bottle and look at it. Oh, what the heck. I bring the bottle closer to my mouth and the stench was horrible. Before I could give the bottle back to him, Dean tilts it into my mouth.

I gag and the brothers start laughing. "That's disgusting! How do you drink that?!" I head to the bathroom and wash my tongue off. But when I look into the mirror my eyes changed colors.

Elizabeth's POV

"Shut up, Valerie!" I yell. "Let me get some food!" Valerie thrashes inside of me and I can feel her trying to fight back. But again, I'm the strongest.

I walk outside of the bathroom. The Winchesters watch me as I take a bottle of beer. I chug it and when I'm done, I chug a few more bottles. When I started to get tipsy, Dean came to my aide.

"Whoa, what was that for, Val?" He stables me. I look at him and smile.

"Elizabeth, stop!" He says. "Give her her body back." I turn around to Dean pulling out his knife. Dean grabs my arm and cuts it. I laugh maniacally when he does. The cut sizzles. The boys look at me like I'm crazy.

"Go ahead. Cut Valerie." I say grabbing another bottle of beer. Chugging the bottle down my throat makes me get even more disoriented. Dean pushes me on the bed and Sam gets a rope.

Sam's POV

Elizabeth fainted soon after we tied her up. "God, she's crazy." Dean says.

"Yes, the strongest and most dangerous."

"Well, she's a bitch." Dean say angrily.

Dean's POV

Val started to jerk uncontrollably. I start thinking about taking her to the hospital, but then she starts screaming.

"Castiel!" She screams. In a few seconds Castiel appears with a gust of wind, he goes by her side. "Kill me! You promised! Do it! Now!" She screams. I try to stay back.

"I can't."

"Please, you promised!" Val cries.

"I'm sorry, I can't." Castiel turns to us and says. "We need to get all of the Demons out of her. She can't take it anymore." Sam and I nod.

Castiel's POV

When, I was by myself, I take out the potion. The very potion Crowley used to on Valerie to make her immortal. I hated this potion right now.

I open the lid and take a sip of it. Suddenly, I felt different, invincible. If it worked, no one would be able to kill me.

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