Chapter 21

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Dad takes us out of the Palace. People were getting tortured and hurt. But it didn't bother me. I suddenly get flashbacks of when I was Elizabeth.

"Daddy! You've been a horrible person!" I throw a torch at Dad and he burns in flames.

"Elizabeth." Dad says before burning to the ground.

Back to reality, I bite lip and I could tell that Dad clenched his teeth. He was reading my mind. He had the flashback too.

We pass by a huge black door. "What's in there?" I ask The King.

"No, Val, never go in there. Never!" He says.

We continue to walk around watching people getting tortured. Though what I did to Dad kept bothering me. I was smart to do that. He was a monster. And now looking at Grey, he was too. I mean, they were laughing together at the people getting tortured.

Suddenly, I see someone I knew getting tortured. "Dad let her go." I demand. Dad does that and we bring her to the palace.

"Mom." I say and I stroke her cheek. She was just coming to.

"Valerie, why are you here?" She mumbles and then gasps. "Who killed you?!"

"I wish I knew."

"It doesn't matter, it's a good thing you're dead. You won't hurt anyone."

"No, Mom. I'm a Demon now. I live until someone kills me." Mom starts to cry and Dad steps in.

"Hey, Carrie."

"Go away. I see what you did. I wanted Valerie to be dead. You only agreed because you knew she would be a Demon, didn't you?" Mom was angry now. Out of all my past Moms, she's been the fiercest.

"I found a loophole!" Dad says. I demand Dad to let her stay in the Palace because she was in fact a Queen. He agreed and then he brought me back to my room.

"Basically, there's this prophet and he knows how to close the Gates." That was all my Dad needed to say. I was off. I transported myself back into the real world and I began my search. I'll start with the Winchesters.

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