Chapter 5

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"Is there anything you need from here?" Dean asks as we walk into the women's personal hygene section. Sam and Dean said that we had to move and find a new hunting job. I wasn't too happy about the hunting part, but I was glad I was getting away from the reminder or my family's death. I shake my head and blush. Dean turns around and bumps into a lady.

"Dean?!" The lady says. She smiles and so did the teen behind her.

"Lisa, Ben!" Suddenly, Dean was as happy as can be. Something crosses Dean's mind and the next second he was sad. "You guys look better from when I hit you with a car." Really, Dean? You hit them with your car?

"Dean, you don't have to play that anymore. I remember what really happened." Lisa says. I'm so confused.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked.

"I mean, one day, Ben and I woke up and remembered everything. Castiel's magice wore off or something." Of course it was Castiel's fault.

"I'm glad it did." Dean smiles. "You look great! Oh, and Ben, looking handsome." Ben gives Dean an bear hug and Ben laughs.

"Who is that little girl? She's giving me an eye." Ben says.

"Oh, that's Valerie." Dean introduces me.

"Does she live with you?" Lisa asks. Dean nods, but I don't think it was really a good idea. "You shouldn't be dragging her along. It isn't fair. She should have a normal, monster free life."

Sam helps Dean unpack all if my things from the car into Lisa's house. Lisa takes me off and gives me a tour. "This will be your room."

"Thanks." I swollow and look out the window. Sam and Dean were leaving me here. They all agreed that I should live a normal life. So Lisa took me in. I know she's trying to be nice and all, but will I ever see

Sam and Dean again? Someone knocks on the door.

"Here's all your stuff." Sam puts it down on the bed and then gives me a hug. Then Dean walks in. He looks at Lisa and they look deeply into each other's eyes.

"You don't know how much this means to me." Dean says. "She does deserve a better life than out on the road. I don't want her to grow up the way I did." They hug.

I pratically start crying when Dean comes over to me. The feeling of loosing yet another person takes over and my heart stops. Dean can't go. I felt safe with Sam and Dean.

"Why can't I come with you?" A tear rolls down my cheek and Dean wipes it away.

"Because it's best for you." Dean says, but I don't believe. I have another gut feeling. Somehow, I know that this isn't best for me.

"But aren't you going to take care of me?"

"Leaving you here with Lisa is the best I could ever do for you." Dean eyes water. "You need to understand that a life like mine isn't meant for a girl like you."

"Don't you love me?" I say and I litteraly lose it. I start crying and wimpering.

Dean nods and puts his hand on my shoulder. Only if I could stay with him. "That's exactly why I have to leave you with Lisa." I throw my arms around Dean and he lifts me up. Sam is at the doorway looking down and Lisa is looking away.

"Dean," he looks up, "Thank you." He nods and kisses my forehead before putting me down on my bed. He gives me a nuggie and leaves. Standing there I realize that I do want a life like theirs. It's always been a part of my life and once you start hunting, you can never stop.

I slide my hand on the windowsill and look out. Sam gets into the driver seat of the Impalla and Dean hesitates before he gets in. He doesn't even look back.

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