Chapter 18

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Dean's POV

Back at the motel, I lie on the bed face down. There's no way I'm looking at anyone 'til I kill this Demon. A hear a gust of wind and I see Castiel. He smiles more than I've ever seen him smile.

"I told you about her." He says.

I get up and punch Cas. "Shut up!"

"Whoa, Dean. No need for that. Cas is our friend." Sam says trying to pull me away from Cas.

"Not when he's saying things like that, he isn't." I growl. I didn't need him coming to say I told you so. No one needs a cocky angel in a time like this. There's another gust of wind and Cas frowns.

I turn around and see Crowley with a group of his buddies. "Where's my daughter?" I look at Sam and he gives me a "sorry" face.

"You son of a bitch." I mumble.

I hear Cas start talking, "She was murdered." I could tell that he was smiling and my heart shrinks three sizes too small. I turn around and beat the crap out of Cas.

"It was you, wasn't it?! Tell me! Was it you." I punch him. "Tell me!"

"Dean calm down!" Sam yells.

"Cas, was it you?" My voice was shaky now.

"Your welcome! It was for the best of you, Dean. You couldn't be around her, she always ends up hurting" punch "you." My stomach turns.

"Cas, get out of here!" I say with a growl.

"She was a Demon, Dean." Cas explains. Crowley laughs.

"She wasn't a Demon, you moron." Him and his men disappear.

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