Chapter 26

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Sam's POV

"Castiel, I hope your right." I mumble.

"So it's a deal?" He asks. I think about it then I nod.

Dean's POV

"Deal?" The words roll from my lips.

"Only if you promise to get rid of that Demon." Balthazar says. "If so, Deal."

Valerie's POV

I flicker back into the Palace with the stone in my hand. My Father sits on his throne and smiles. Grey was next to him. "I found it, here!" I hand over the Prophecy. Dad laughs, then him and Grey disappear.

It was time. I transport myself to the huge black doors. They swing open with a creak. I was surprised to see photos everywhere. I looked a but more closely at the photos and recognized each one. They were all me and my family. Photos of me when I was Katherine, Maggie, Elizabeth, Jennifer, everyone.

Tears come to my eyes. All my mothers, they were all so beautiful and I remember everyone of them.

At the back of the room there was a chest. I run over to it, it has to have the potion in here. Trying to lift it up was a fail because there was a huge padlock on the front.

As fast as I can, I find Tyler's room. It was easy, he was still screaming. Pushing the guards out of the way, I pick up a whip. The whip that was used to cut him up before.

"I'm sorry, but you have the key." With one quick motion the wipe slices him in half. A key falls on the ground.

I exhale. The key fits perfectly, all I need to do is turn it. It opens with a satisfying click. I open the lid and take the potion out. It was a round bottle with a thick, purple liquid inside. Shutting the lid, I put the padlock on like nothing ever happened. Hopefully this is what Castiel wanted.

Dean's POV

I head out the shack with the Prophet's tooth. Of course being Kevin I had to persuade him. I told him I'd kill Crowley if he'd give me this tooth. Somehow that worked. Anyways, I put it in the plastic bag of things I've already collected.

I have everything, but Huntress' blood, Prince's blood, mother's blood and present from the Lord. Where am I supposed to get a present from the Lord?

I need to start with finding the blood, so I head back to the motel. Luckily it's been the same one since I left. Not like Sam could just leave.

I open the door to find Val and Sam talking. I don't take any chances, I pull out my knife and cut Val. Taking the sample of the blood, I sit down next to her.

"I need some blood from different people. Think you can get them for me?" I whisper. Val nods and I continue. "The Prince's blood, and the Mother's blood."

"What's in it for me?" She asks. Sam stares at us. Hopefully he doesn't hear this.

"Anything you want." I say. She whispers in my ear and I agree. When I leave, so does she.

Valerie's POV

Time to find my mother. I found her in her room. Thankfully Dad didn't do anything to her. I easily just take her blood by cutting her. But the hard part was finding Grey. He went off with Dad.

I flicker myself to the Shack where the Prophet is. He smiles. He was missing a tooth. "You kept up with your plan?"

"Yep, have you?" He asks.

"I'm working on it, but I need more help." I say.

"If you need more then I get more." He quickly says. He was a tricky one.

"I'm sorry, but no. You're asking me to kill my own father. That was the deal and you get nothing more."


I finally get a sense of direction where my father and brother are, but I was taken away before I could even try to go there. The minute I pop up in the Cabin I realize where I am.

"Valerie." God walks in and sits down on a chair. "Where's my treasure?"

"I was just about to go get it back." I say. "Can you help me find it?"

He laughs. "You're the Huntress, you don't need my help."

"Actually, I do need your help. I promised someone I'd find a way to get rid of Crowley."

"Why would you do that, he's your own father?" He was sure making this hard.

"You're not helping, but I think it's the right thing to do. Elizabeth was right to kill him in the first place. He's a very bad man." I reply. Of course, I do have a past with my Dad (now that I remember him), but I wish I never did.

"Don't worry, my dear, someone is already taking care of that." He smiles and I find myself back where I started. I get my act together and find Crowley and Grey.

I could tell I found the right place when I saw the people guarding the doors. They let me in and show me to my family.

The stench of blood finds my nose and I gag. I don't care if I'm supposed to like it, either way it's disgusting. Turning the corner I see the color red. My body breaks down. Landing on my hands and knees. Flashbacks started to stir in my mind.

"Don't worry, Maggie. This isn't going to hurt." Dad slowly pulls a knife up to. I squeeze my doll hoping it would save me.

"No, you're gonna hurt me, like you hurt Mother!" Tears comes to my eyes. Dad's stare made me scream before he even touched me. The last thing I saw was my blood bursting out of my stomach.

I take a deep breath and look back in the room. Still, so much red. My wobbly legs barely lift me up. Step by step I make it into the room full of blood. There was a dead body on a table with Dad and Grey surrounding it.

Trying to look away, I slip on some blood. I hit my butt right off the bat and I moan. Crowley and Grey turn around. Their faces! Both of them were just in the middle of eating someone! I gag and look away. But looking down didn't help. Too much blood.

I need to make this quick. I pull out my knife and bring it toward Grey. It Knicks his arm and his blood spills out. Oh, no! Flashback!

"Grey!" I try to speak, but what came out was hoarse. I drag myself over to his bed and see his guts spill out. The monster turns around.

I quickly try to get the blood before Grey realizes what I did. Panicking, I look around for the tablet. I pick myself up and grab it.


I turn around the corner and vanish. Reappearing back at the motel, I realize Sam wasn't there. Where would he be? Whatever. I fall on the bed and clutch the flat stone in my arms. Images of blood flash in my mind. So I lie there struggling. I could hear Elizabeth telling me to suck it up.

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