Chapter 16

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Sam's POV

When Dean went to bed, I snuck out. I take his Impala over to an abandoned building and set up a Demon's trap.

I light the bowl on fire and look up.

Crowley's POV

Sam stands in front of me with a slit on his arm. "Sam Winchester, I know you love me, but please leave me alone." I laugh at my own joke.

"This is serious." Sam says.

"Oh, carry on then."

"I know who your daughter is." He says sternly. I laugh again, he must be joking. "She alive." I laugh again. He's really funny.

"I thought this was serious? If you really feel like wasting my time, I must go."

"I'm not lying." I look down at the Devil's trap. "You can't go even if you wanted to."

"Even if you did know who my daughter is it would be a miracle."

"All I know is... You made a deal with Carrie Scott. You told her to give birth to Valerie." How does he know who Carrie is?

"How do you know this?" I stammer.

"I know because I know where Valerie is. What did Carrie ask for in return."

"This is impossible, Sam. You have know idea what you're talking about."

"Answer my question. Why is it impossible?" Sam steps toward me with a bucket of salt.

"Fine, I'll answer your question and I'll tell you why it's impossible. Because all Carrie wanted was to kill her. She told me that she'll only give birth to Valerie if she could kill Valerie when she was 14." I say. "Okay?"

"Carrie's dead, Crowley." When Sam that I turn around and bite my lip.

"What killed her?"

"A monster. She died like any other hunter would." Sam says.

I turn back around to face the Winchester. "Okay then, I'll be leaving now." Sam scratches the Devil's trap.

Castiel's POV

I knew they'd find out soon. I knew I was right. There's no way I'm letting that monster near the boys ever again.

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