Chapter 27

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Sam's POV

This was stupid. Where could Dean be? Where is anyone anymore? "Castiel!" Before I know it Castiel was behind me.

"New motel?" He asks.

"For now." I was so stressed. I need to find Dean. "Where's Dean?"

"He's looking for things." Boy, he was a help! "We need to make another deal."

Was he crazy? We've already done that! "More deals. I don't think I can take more deals."

"I need your alliance."

"My alliance, why would I buddy up with someone who threatened to kill me?"

"I said I wouldn't kill you if you kept your side of the deal up." He replies.

"I don't even know who this person is? What's his name? Garry?"

"Grey. He's Valerie's twin brother."

"Wait, the one who died?" I ask.

"Yes. He's a Demon now." Castiel says. Demon? How did that happen? Castiel reads my mind. "There's a long line of Brothers that weren't supposed to be born."

"Anyways, back to the alliance. Why do you need me?"

"Crowley's planning on killing me. I need you to kill Crowley." Castiel says. I nod, but it wasn't going to be easy. Castiel disappears and I sit down on the bed. These deals were getting worse.

Dean's POV

Valerie pops up behind me and smiles. "I've missed you, Dean." I give her a hug. I wish none of this ever happened to her. None. "I got you the blood."

"Thanks, Val." I give her another hug and put the blood with the other ingredients.

"What's it for?"

"I don't know yet. Some kind of potion."

"I'm gonna do it." She says calmly. I turn around, confused. "I'm gonna keep the gate open."

"You know how?"

"No, but I wish I did." She looks down.

"I lied. I do know what it's for," I say. I can't lis to her even if I wanted to.

"Then what is it, this potion?"

"I think it's a potion to kill your Father." She looks down again and I regret what I said. "Sorry."

"No, don't be Dean. I don't need him. You're the best father I've ever had." Val smiles. I can't help, but grab her and take her in my arms. She was like a daughter to me too. Though, she won't be for long.

"I love you." I say, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you too, Dean." She pauses. We take the moment in. Valerie sits beside me. "I'm going to do that too, kill my father."

At about midnight, Val and I head over to Sam's motel room. Valerie sat in the front with me and we sang along to songs. And I couldn't help, but think that things felt normal again.

When we got there, I had to carry sleeping Val inside. I put her down on the bed and thought. If she's a Demon, why does she sleep? It made no sense because she got tired like any other real human being.

Sam looks at me and smiles. "Dude, I haven't seen you in a while." He give each other hugs and look at Valerie. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sam asks.

"Cheeseburger? I'm starving."

"No, how she's a Demon and she can sleep. We should ask Crowley some questions." Sam says. I nod.

"Dean, you've joined us this fine evening!" Crowley says when he pops up after the summoning. "What now?" He sighs.

"We need to ask a question about Valerie." Sam says.

"How come Val can sleep? Huh? She gets tired too! Explain." I finish.

"You said before that she wasn't a meat-suit she was actually a Demon." Sam continues. Wait, you've talked to him before?!

"Yes, I did say that. Because the past Huntresses are really her." Crowley says.

"Am I missing something here? Have you two been in cahoots?" They continue to talk, not answering my question.

"But she gets tired. Demons don't do that! All we want are answers. To top it off she doesn't react to anything other Demon's react to." Sam questions.

"You know when she was kidnapped?" Crowley asks. It was so out of the blue. I almost completely forgot about that. We nod. "Well, that man was working for me. He gave her a potion."

"What kind of potion?" I ask.

"One that is very special to me. I keep it in a chest under lock and key. Anyways, that potion keeps her alive no matter what." Crowley explains.

"So, Cas didn't really kill her?" I ask. Have I been mad at him about nothing? Crowley nods.

"Then why did Cas try?" Sam asks himself.

"But how can she teleport everywhere?" I ask.

"The past Huntresses do that for her. Can I go now?" I scratch the devil's trap and he leaves.

Sam's POV

"I'm going to go talk to Castiel." I tell Dean.

"Good, 'cause I'm going to bed." He mumbles.

Cas wasn't hard to find. The minute I went outside I saw him.

"I know what you're going to ask me so don't even try to do so." Castiel says right off the bat. "I knew it wouldn't kill her, okay? It wouldn't even get rid of her if she didn't get that potion. She would be reborn anyways."

"Then why did you?" I ask him.

"Because..." Castiel sighs. "I promised her, Lady Katherine."

Castiel's POV

It was a small village, almost everyone knew each other. But everyone knew Lady Katherine. I was sent there to check if there was some sort of witchery there. Then I met Katherine.

I decided to pretend to be someone I'm not to meet her father, Crowley. One night, I was invited over for dinner. It was the perfect time to look around their house.

I looked around their house and found where the witch kept his potions. After a while I found what I was looking for. The potion. The one that makes you live forever.

Just when I was about to take it, Crowley comes in. He attacks me with a knife. Of course it wouldn't work on me, but Katherine came in because of the ruckus we were making. She tried to stop us, but she got in the way.

Instead of stabbing me, Crowley stabbed his own daughter. He ran away in embarrassment and I stayed with Katherine.

"Castiel," she managed. "Finish me off." I shake my head. Even though I was pretending to be in love with her, I've fallen for my own lies.

"No, don't ask me to do that."

"Castiel, doesn't matter where or when, or even when I'm in another form, I want you to kill me. Please." Without another word, I did what she asked and I left.

"Cas?" Sam says, interrupting my flashback. So I tell him about the promise I made with her.

"I knew that Crowley gave her the potion. I just wanted to see if it was really her." I say. I leave before Sam could say anything.

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