Chapter 25

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Dean's POV

Chuck's house. He probably won't be here, but it's worth a try. I don't even bother ringing the doorbell.

His house is a mess, as always. The first thing I do is check if there were any new Supernatural books. Notta. Then I look through the piles of my life. It's like he's written everything before he disappeared.

I go through all the events and find what I was looking for. The day I met Valerie. He wrote down everything up to when Val died. I reread it to make sure I didn't miss anything. Nothing! I kick the garbage can. One piece of paper falls out. It was half burnt.

I read what I could.

Valerie slowly opened the black swinging doors. It creak as she did and she took a glance inside. She gasps. There were photos everywhere. Along the walls, on the floor and on every other surface. At the back of the poorly lit room was a chest.

Something. Something. It's burnt. I can't read it! Something. Something. Burnt!

Cautiously, she finds her way towards the chest. With a huff she tries to lift up the lid. It was locked.

Something. Something. It's burnt. I can't read it! Something. Something. Burnt!

I tried to read the best I could, but the rest was burnt. I flip the sheet over and find these words.

Mother's blood.

Prophet's tooth.

Fairy dust.

Huntress Blood.

A feather from an Angel's wing.

Prince's blood.

Lamb blood.

Goblin's toe.

A present from the Lord.

Gate closed.

"Ha. Chuck, I can always count on you." I shove the burnt paper in my pocket.

Valerie's POV

"I need to go back, but I need a distraction." I say. Sam paces around the room.

"Are you sure we should trust Castiel?" Sam looked so worried. His eyebrows were now automatically furrowed.

"Yes, if I trust him back then, then I should trust him now." I lean back and think. "I have an idea. Bye, Sam!" I flicker out of the room and appear back on the snowy mountain.

The wise man sits on a seat with his finger stroking his beard. "You haven't told anyone about this, right?" I shake my head and He laughs humbly.

"I think it's a great idea." I say. Right now, I really need him to agree with me.

"I'm not letting you take it." He says. I look down with despair. It would've been an amazing plan. I look back up when He stomps his foot. He winks at me and I smile.

When I stepped into the shack, water drops on my head. Luckily, that doesn't work on me.

"What do you want?" Someone yells.

"I need to make a deal with you." I reply.

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