Chapter 14

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By the way, I do not own any rights of Supernatural by Erik Kripke. I only started writing this for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!!

Valerie's POV

I pick myself up, off of the snowy mountain. Taking a look around I see that I'm no where near Sam or Dean. What kind of mission is this?

Suddenly, I hear a voice in my head. It was the redneck Demon, "At the top of the mountain is a prized possession. I need you to steel it, my huntress." I look up to see a small building hanging off the peek of the mountain. "Go now, my princess. Retrieve it for Daddy." A gust of wind gives me a shove towards the shack.

Every step, my legs wanted to give up and my face was covered with icy tears. I'm scared, I don't want to be here. Why was I the one who has to go through this? Why didn't the redneck go himself? "Because only you, the Huntress, can steal it from such high honors." The redneck's voice echoes in my head. I push myself to keep going. What kind of high honors?

I finally get to a ledge where the cabin was hanging off of. I rummage through my backpack and find climbing material.

After an hour of trying, of blood, sweat and tears (literally) I finally get to the cabin doors. I take a quick look in and walk towards it. Wait.

Hiding behind a tree I look back at the cabin. Men in suits stand guard at the doors. Probably demons, right? I continue to walk towards the cabin, thinking the Demons wouldn't hurt me, the huntress/princess, or whatever I am. I wish I knew.

My hand reaches for the doorknob and someone stops me. I look up to this huge man in a suit. "Let me in, I'm am the Huntress." I say, using the huntress/princess card again. His eyes widen. He lifts his fingers up to my forehead.

"Well, if it isn't the Huntress. Looking for this?" A man lifts up a piece of rock. I give him a blank look and he sighs. "One of the prophecies. One of the most important." A prophecy?! I was sent to look for a piece of stone. "It isn't a piece of stone."

"This is all a misunderstanding, please let me go. I was only making a deal, I ended up here." I shake my hands and the rope scratches me.

"Of course you were making a deal. Anyways, I haven't seen you in a while." The man says. I look at him. I have no idea who this is. Just another Demon?

I laugh nervously, "You see, I've never seen you before. Can I go home now?"

"No. But you have seen me, in another life and form." The man looked really wise, smarter than any Demon I knew. "I'm not a Demon, so please stop referring to me as one. These men and women, they are my protecters. Some of my favorites."

"What?" I'm so confused.

"These people are my angels." The man says calmly. On the other hand I start to cry and thrash my limbs. No more angels. "Don't worry, none of them are like Castiel. Oh, that boy, so foolish. Very foolish when he thought he was me."

I sigh. "Who you exactly?"

"I'm the Holy Father."

"Actually, having you here is a good thing." The wise man says. My eyes are wide. I thought he was dead. "Many people did, I was just hiding."

"Can you stop that, like reading my mind?" He nods.

"With your help... Oh. That's a very good idea." He was totally ignoring the fact that he just said He was The Lord. "Have you reunited with your father yet?" He says putting his finger on his chin.

"Well, I just met you..." I say blankly.

He laughs humbly. "No, your real father?"

"I have no idea why people are so interested with who ever they think my father is. But no, I haven't met him, who ever he is, yet." He laughs again:

"Perfect. I'll be contacting you soon. Don't tell anyone you saw me." The last thing I see is His angels walking towards me.

I reappear back at the motel room. Sam was consoling Dean.

"It's okay, Dean. This happens all the time, we'll get through it." I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there.

"No, Sam! It's all my fault. My fault her brother died, my fault her parents died, my fault she has to go through this, my fault she has to stay with us!" Dean breaks down crying. I close my eyes because of what he just said. I miss my family.

"Dean, it's... Val?" I open my eyes. Sam stands up and runs over to me. He pulls me into a hug. "Are you okay?"

"Val?" I hear Dean say. But my stomach turns. His voice was different. It sounded vulnerable. Sam moves out of the way, I wish he didn't. Dean's face was red and his eyes were puffy. I start to cry. I run into Dean's arms. "Don't ever wonder away from me again." I nod.

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