Chapter 31

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Valerie's POV

I woke up around last night. The motel has changed. Looking down I see all the cuts and marks Sam, Dean and Castiel left when they got rid of everyone.

That day after lunch, we just sat around in the room. It was really boring.

"We should do something," Sam pauses after Dean looks at him like he's crazy. "Like family's do. How about sledding?"

"Yes, please. Can we go sledding?" I jump up and down.

"Sledding? Really, Sam, we never do stuff like that." Dean protests.

"C'mon, Val woke up, let's do something fun. We're here now, it's cold, it's snowing. Lets go!" Sam and I head to the car while Dean slowly walks behind up. First we go to the store to buy some sleds. Then we went to a hill.

Dean was so not impressed, he sat in his sled with a frown. "Seriously, I'm too old for this." He says while trying to stand up. But before he does, Sam and I push him down the huge hill. He screams and we laugh. When he comes back up, he was angry. "Hahaha, very funny... Oops!" Dean pushes me down. I was barely holding on so I go tumbling down the hill. Sam hits me at the bottom.

I look up and Dean was laughing. "Oh, you want to play this game, huh?" I run up the hill and push Dean again. This time he grabs me. I fall onto his lap at the front of the sled. As I scream the whole way down, he laughs. At the bottom I turn around to see the brightest smile I've ever seen.

"Watch out!" Suddenly, a six foot giant bangs into Dean and I. We all start laughing and it turns into a game. Back at the top, we all sit down on our own sled. Then when Sam says go, we try to push each other down the hill. Though, the boys cheated. Every time one of them were pushed, they would grab me.

Once we decided who the winner was, Dean, we just went down the hill normally. Dean and Sam go first. I push myself off and I go racing down the hill.

Sam's POV

Valerie comes laughing down the hill, but midway down she disappears. Dean and I look at each other. Her sled comes down and hits us.

"She just woke up." Dean pouts.

Valerie's POV

I land in the snow. When I push the snow off my face, Sam and Dean weren't there. I look up to see the cabin.

The front doors open as I approach and I see God sitting on a chair. "Welcome, Valerie."

"Couldn't you wait?" I yell. I was getting sick of everything. Angels, Demons, Witches, hunting, everything.

"No, this is a very serious matter." He gestures to me to sit down. "In three months the Winchester's are planning on closing the gate."

"How does this affect me?" I ask.

"In many ways, you need to get Elizabeth out if you want to close it too." He replies.

"But how do you even close it... The gate?" I ask.

"Only you know how." He answers. "But, right now, I need to give you this." God hands me a test-tube with a glowing liquid.

"What's this?" I shake it.

"It's a present from the lord." He smiles.

I disappear again and fall from the sky. Below me was Sam and Dean. I start to scream. I was going to hit the ground.

Luckily, Dean heard me screaming and looks up. Just when he does, I was about to land on top of him. I stop midair. My heart slows down and I hear God's voice. "Sorry." I then slowly descend to the ground.

"Where did you go?" Sam helps me up.

"I can't tell you." I simply reply. I wish I could, but I know I can't.

"C'mon," Dean says sadly. "Let's just go, now." He stands up and walks away, taking his crazy carpet with him.

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