Chapter 29

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Dean's POV

Val started to jerk uncontrollably. I start thinking about taking her to the hospital, but then she starts screaming.

"Castiel!" She screams. In a few seconds Castiel appears with a gust of wind, he goes by her side. "Kill me! You promised! Do it! Now!" She screams. I try to stay back.

"I can't."

"Please, you promised!" Val cries.

"I'm sorry, I can't." Castiel turns to us and says. "We need to get all of the Demons out of her. She can't take it anymore." Sam and I nod.

Castiel's POV

When, I was by myself, I take out the potion. The very potion Crowley used to on Valerie to make her immortal. I hated this potion right now.

I open the lid and take a sip of it. Suddenly, I felt different, invincible. If it worked, no one would be able to kill me.

Dean's POV

Valerie's been asleep for the past few weeks. I wouldn't blame her. I wish I didn't force her to drink. Totally under the influence.

When Cas said we should look for answers, he almost immediately disappeared. Sam's been on his laptop for the sam amount of time Val's been asleep. "Come on. Can't we just exercise the Demon when they come out."

"Why didn't you think of that weeks ago?"

"Cas, how many of those Demons are inside her?" I ask.

"At least 50." Sam and I sigh.

"By the end of it, I'll know the whole Latin text." I say trying to be confidant. Castiel and us did many things to get them out. We tried different sayings or things that they were interested in. Thankfully, Valerie was still asleep during all of this.

After 48 hours, we got 48 of them.

"How do we get Elizabeth out?" I ask. Both Castiel and Sam were stumped so the best we could do was wait.

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