Chapter 12

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Dean's POV

Castiel, Sam and I decide to argue outside of the motel room. I try to close the door as quietly as possible.

"I want to talk about Valerie." Sam and I sigh.

"Give it a rest, Cas!" I protest.

"No, I was reading her mind..."

I cut him off, waving my hands around. "You were reading her personal, eighth grade mind? What's wrong with you?!"

"I've been pondering the thought of Valerie being the princess of that Demon." Castiel completely ignores me, typical.

"Before we..." I start to say, but Castiel ignores me again. Poof, he was gone! He should be a magician! I roll my eyes head back to the apartment.

"Dean," Sam grabs me. "I'm getting sick of this! All of this. We both care about her, okay? But we can't keep doing this to her. Can we just forget about it and move on. Let's go and find another job."

Valerie's POV

Usually, I could easily sleep in the backseat of the Impalla. Castiel repeatedly and continuously starred at me. A couple of times Dean had to tell him to stop. Why are they even friends with him anymore? He isn't really much of an angel.

We all stumble into the new motel. I took one of the two beds and Sam falls on the other one. My bed was really cold. I hate cold. There's something about it that makes me just a bit too uncomfortable.

Dean grumbles as he stretches out his back. He closes the bathroom door without even thinking about the noise. I look at Sam and when I look back, Castiel was right beside me.

"I know who you are." He whispers. Dean comes out of the bathroom and Castiel gets under covers. My stomach jumps. "I was right about you."

"Castiel, please give it up. My father is Tyler Scott and that's the truth."

"No, it isn't. Because of who your father is, I must kill you. Your father is..." The covers fly off and Dean drags Castiel off the bed.

"What are you doing to her?! Cas, get out." Dean opens the door and throws the angel out. Sam, finally awake, takes a knife and slits his wrists. He draws weird symbols on the walls. Dean sighs and wraps his eyes around me. "He won't be a problem anymore."

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