Chapter 10

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"Are you ready to go out and kill this demon?" Sam says as he opens the door to our motel room. Dean nods. He takes a sip from his beer. "Let's go, then. You finish your beer and Valerie can help me pack." He takes me out of the room and pushes me towards the car.

"What's the plan?" I ask.

"Do you mind being in the trunck?" I look at him and he shakes him head. "Sorry, that was a bad idea. Um... Just hide in the back seat then." I do amd before I know it we're off.

"Let's swazy this mother!" Dean says and pulls the duffel bag out of his car. I sneak out of the car and hide behind Sam. I follow them into the warhouse. Dean turns around and I hide behind a wall. He starts to talk to Sam and I had no way out. There was a sudden sound coming from down the hall.

I walk around the warehouse in the dark. Now, I was starting to regret it. I know what I felt like when I killed the demon before and I didn't like it. It's been 30 minutes, I start to worry.

"Sam? Dean?" I yell. I hear a noise from down the hallway and I jump. Trying to follow where the sound came from, I hear another sound. My heart beats faster. It was Dean, it wasn't a good sound.

I run faster and faster, trying to find him. But... It was hopeless. This place was a stinkn' maze! After a few more turns, I end up in a different room. A bigger room with things stacked everywhere. I turn left and I see the Demon about to eat Dean. Where was Sam?!

I hesitate before turning the corner to stop the Demon. Something slides across the floor. It was Dean's gun. I look towards where it came from. Sam was on the ground bleeding. My hand reaches for the gun and I stop. Dean's scream fills my ears.

You can do it! I pick up the gun and walk up behind the Demon. His face and hands were covered with Dean's blood. Blood! I'm gonna barf. I hold it back and point the gun towards the Demon.

Before I pull the trigger, the Demon turns around. She grabs my gun and pushes it away. "No way!" She screams in happiness. I'm really confused. "The King would be happy to see you, my princess."

"Princess?!" I ask. The Demon looks at me and smiles. A gun shot rings in my ears and she falls to the ground. Dean lies back and drops the gun.

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