Chapter 23

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I sneak out the motel room. My stomach growls. I'm starving, haven't eaten in a year. Though I don't know why I'm outside.

Suddenly, I feel overwhelmed. I feel like I'm not using my eyes, like someone else is. It's like looking at someone else's point of view.


Valerie shouldn't have been The Huntress. She sucks at being a Demon... And everything else.

"Hey!" She yells. I smile, I love making people angry. I've always been one of the meanest Princesses. One of the most dangerous. One of the strongest.

I walk far from the motel and walk into an alleyway. The scent of human blood has drawn me here. There were a couple of people walking around being drunk.

Using a flick of my arm, they fly to the wall. I could feel Valerie thrash and try to fight me.

"Stop! Don't!" She yells. Like I said, she was a horrible Demon.

Sam's POV

I start to worry when I wake up to no Val or Dean in the room. There was a muffled voice coming from outside. I open the door and hear Dean.

"Sam!" I put shoes on and run outside with a gun in my pocket. Dean runs across the parking lot with Valerie in his arms. I help him lie her on the bed. I didn't like the way things were going so far. "I think she's been attacked!"

That did explain all the blood, but what kind of Demon or Monster would attack their Princess? "Dean, I think she's the one whose been attacking."

"No, it wasn't her. I know she wouldn't do something like that." Dean protests.


"No! It wasn't her!" Dean screams.

"Okay, well, I'm going to go look around." I say. He doesn't say anything. I take my best bet by walking towards where Dean was running from. Sure enough, there was blood around that area. Turning around the corner, I find an alleyway. People were spread across the ground. Blood was everywhere and so was their guts.

I get back to the motel and Dean's face was in his hands. "You didn't find any wounds, didn't you? I told you she's a Demon now. One of the strongest."

"No, she didn't do it." Dean was being so ridiculous.

"Dean, do you see this? The blood on her isn't hers."

Valerie's POV

"You're in denial, Dean." I wake up and Sam and Dean were arguing again. I jump, not knowing where I was.

"I'm going out." Dean gets straight out of here and I'm left with Sam. There's a tangy metal taste in my mouth. It was discomforting. I run to the toilet and vomit.

Elizabeth's voice was in my head, "That was my dinner, excuse me." I look into the toilet and barf again. Sam rushes in and looks in too.

"I don't really want to bring this up, but that looks like human flesh to me." My body agrees with him and I puke once again. I sure don't feel full Demon. When I finish, I wipe my face off and brush my teeth for thirty minutes.

"Val, I need to talk with you." Sam says. I look up to the giant and gasp. Castiel stood next to him. He looked a but shocked too. The angel strides toward me and touches my forehead.

I could still see, but I couldn't move. Both Sam and Castiel tie me up to a chair.

They start to throw salt at me and I laugh. "What are you doing? Are you trying to make me gain weight?" They move on from that and use Demon knifes to cut me. I guess they were hoping for a sizzle, but nothing happened.

"I've got an idea." Castiel pulls up his sleeve and shoves his hand into my chest. I scream. Not only did it hurt, I was so scared of him. His hand grasps my soul. I feel like I'm choking. The girls inside me scream along with me. "She isn't a Demon."

"What is she then?" Sam asks. He gets closer.

"She's a meat-suit for other Demons. Past Huntresses." This was big news for Sam and I. Castiel takes his hand out and I take a deep breath.

My father, my own father, lied to me! "That Demon!" I yell. Castiel and Sam give me confused looks. My head falls back and I sigh.

Sam's POV

I'm so confused. I need to talk to Crowley. I do the ceremony while Castiel takes care of Val. Shouldn't really trust him, but he'll do fine. Dean hasn't shown up so...

"Seriously, Sam, I'm a busy man!" Crowley cracks his neck and look at me.

"I thought Val was a Demon. Not a meat-suit for past Huntresses." I say.

"She is a Demon." He sighs. Somehow I wasn't catching up with this dude.


"She's my daughter which makes her half-Demon. And the other half is her mother's side. She gets her charm from me." Crowley's cocky smile gets me angry.

"I didn't mean it like that! She won't re-act to anything, yet she's a Demon?! And she has tons of other Demon Huntresses possessing her body and using it as a home."

"You, numbskull. She is all the other Demons. All the Demons are her. Valerie has been every Huntress there's ever been. It's always been her. She was reborn many times. Until now, her soul his finally missing it's pieces." He face-palms and sighs. "Your head is really that thick. Can't you read?! There was a whole article about it! I scratch the Devil's trap so he could leave. But he doesn't.


"No, one more thing. Castiel, he's the one who killed Val. Keep him away from her, he isn't a nice lad." Crowley turns around and disappears. What does that mean?

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