Chapter 24

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Dean's POV

The Impala squeaks to a stop as I pull up to the shack. I knock on the door and it swings open. "Kevin?" I yell. Walking through the door, a bucket of water falls on my head. "Kevin, I'm not a Demon!"

Kevin's head pops out from the corner and he laughs nervously. "Sorry." His mom comes out from hiding too.

"I need your help." I say.

"Ha. You, Dean Winchester, need my help. Good joke." Kevin says.

"No, I need you to tell me how to close the gate." I reply. Kevin laughs, but once he realizes I wasn't joking he shakes his head.

"Sorry, Dean."

"I'm sorry, Kevin, but I need to know." I say. There was no way I was leaving without an answer.

"Funny, 'cause I don't know." He laughs. I glare at him.

"I came all this way for you. How do you not know. You are THE Prophet."

"Okay, okay." He puts his hands up.

"So, you do know?" I ask.

"No." He looks down. "When I read it before, I though it said how to close the gate's, but it really said that the gate's never close." He smiles.

"People are so unhelpful." I mumble. I head out and get in the car.

"Where are you going?" He yells.

"To someone more helpful."

Kevin's POV

I finally stop holding my breath. Turning around, I see Crowley come around the corner.

"Good job." Crowley quickly says before vanishing.

Lady Katherine's POV

I used all my strength against Maggie to came out when Valerie was sleeping. I go outside and find Castiel.

"I wish you were in your regular older form, I'd be able to take you seriously." I nod in agreement.

"Anyways, you said you had a plan." I say.

Castiel nods. "I need you to do steal something from your father."

"And what's that?" I don't care if it's my own father. I'll steal anything.

"You're going to steal..."

Valerie's POV

"...something that is very special to your father. It's a potion. It should be in the palace. Do you think you can do that for me?" Castiel says.

"Get away from me!" I look down at my PJs and then back up. "Where am I?"

Sam comes running out the motel room with a gun pointed at Castiel.

Sam takes a step towards me. "Stay away from her and any of the girls." Castiel winks at me and with a gust of wind he disappears. "Let's get you back inside." Sam tries to drag me back, but I don't follow him.

"No, I have something to do." I tell him.

"He told you to steal something, didn't he?" I nod.

"I'm sorry. I have to do it." I hold on to my ruby necklace. "I don't have a choice."

Sam nods, at least he understands. "What do I tell Dean?"

"He won't be back." My eyes close and when I open them, I'm in the Palace. The servants come over to me and put me in another dress. I hate dresses, hunters should never wear dresses.

"Should I tell the King you've arrived?" One of the servants asked. I shake my head and make my way through the Palace. I turn corners, go down some hallways and even change floors to bump into Grey.

"Eerie! Did you find the Prophecy yet?"

I look at him blank.

"I thought I was supposed to find a Prophet."

"You left before Dad could finish. That's how you know you're related to him." Grey chuckles. "How long are you staying here."

"I wasn't planning on staying too long." I finish the conversation there. Immediately, I look for a room where someone would keep a potion. Something only Crowley would be able to go into. The Door! The huge black door we passed when I woke up here.

I lift up my huge dress so I could run. Running past through the gate, I find myself where people are tortured. It was truly a dark place. With all my will power I try not to listen to the screams.

Just when I was past that, I heard. "Valerie!" I stop. The voice was too familiar. They continue to scream. "No, let me talk to Valerie!" Dad! I mean Dad, not Crowley Dad, Tyler Scott Dad. I swing the door open where I heard him.

"Dad!" I try to run towards him, but the room was a huge black hole.

"I ha-h-ve to tell you something. I have t-t-he key!" Tyler yells. Suddenly, Demons slice him in half and I scream. I run out of the room crying. When I get through the door I run into someone.

I look up to see my Mom. "Val, you have to go! Now, go. Crowley's getting closer. Move! Run!"

"No, Mom, I'm not leaving." I hold onto her new dress.

"You aren't supposed to be here, if your Dad finds you..." Dad appears behind her and Mom disappears.

"Valerie, Valerie, Valerie." The King shakes his head. "How's the hunt going?"

"Fine." I lie.

"Hurry, get a move on it. I need that Prophecy." Dad snaps his fingers and I reappear in the motel. I was breathing heavily. Sam runs up to me and makes me sit down. I tell him what happened.

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