Chapter 8

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As I walk home from school, I notice something a bit odd. I try to just ignore because it probably wasn't my problem, but I couldn't help it. I walk closer to it and I think about how everytime I do this something bad happens. It was a person looking at me.

"Hello?" I really should've said that. I regret it already. The person grabs me and knocks me out like a light.

"Wake up." Something knocks my head back and I see a flash of light. Suddenly, I remember what was going on and then feeling overwhelms me. I feel a tear roll down the side of my face, for I was in deep pain. My arms and legs... No, change that, my whole body felt warm. But not a good warm, more like warm, sticky, wet.

When my eyes uncrust, I fling them open and see nothing, but red. My memories take me back to when Grey died. Now my face was wet with tears. I look closer and realized I was covered with bruises and cuts. All the pain hits my like a snowball. It felt like my skin has been ripped off... Oh, wait.

"Look at me!" A knife was put in my face and I gasp. It slowly was traced along my cheek and brought to my mouth. "Listen to me. You do what I want and that's it. Okay?" I nod my head. I want to get out of here. I wimper, but it only causes me another cut along my leg.

I get a closer look at the man. His eyes weren't black. He was different, he wasn't a demon. The man unties my arms and drags me into another room. My whole body gives up and I fall. Putting more blood on the floor than there was before. He pulls me up forcefully. I can't do this. I need Dean.

Sam's POV

Finally, Dean pulls the cheeseburger towards his mouth. He was finally realizing that he did the right thing. He sighs and before I know it he was done.

"Thanks, Sam," what?! Did he just thank me?

"What did I do?"

"You pulled me away from her because there was no way I would be able to do it know. When Lisa called about Cas, when we went back, I realized how good Val had it. She looked happy." I pat Dean on the back and we head towards the car. We were working on a case again. There were a few abnormal killings around here.

It was a miracle! Dean slides into the driver's seat. I get in the car too. Dean's cell rings and he answers it. His expression changes.

"What do you mean?" He yelled. "She's gone?"

"I'm going to kill whatever took her!" Dean paces around Lisa's coffe table. He's been like this for the past twenty-four hours. "Ben, what did you see?" He asks for the gillionth time.

"I saw someone pull her away."

"And you didn't bother getting her!" Dean slams his hands down and Lisa steps in between him and Ben.

"Dean, it isn't Ben's fault. He couldn't do anything. If it's anyone's fault, it would be mine. This is the first time I let her walk homw from school alone.

"You're right, it doesn't matter who's fault it is, because we all know it's mine. I knew that the monster was coming to her house, but I didn't..." Dean sits down. Lisa rubs his back while he places his face into his hands.

Valerie's POV

I looked myself in the miroir. My body had lumps and bruises all over it. The man, who said I must call him "Honey," told me to clean up for bed. What did he want from me?" My eyes wander around the bathroom looking for a place to get out. Nothing, not even a window.

I step into the shower and my cuts sting. Fastly, I rub away all the blood and then get out. Tears fill my eyes and I put on PJs the man has given me. When I was done, I open the bathroom door to see him stand right there.

"Good shower, Baby?" I get shivers and I start to cry. He grabs me and pulls me toward a bed. I stop walking.

"Please, let me go!" I wimper. But he was insistent. He kept pulling me toward the bed. "Stop!" I scratch at his arms and he gives me these eyes. They were horrible, I wanted to die in a hole after he showed them to me. But I look closer, the weird thing was was that they weren't demon eyes. The man lifts me up on the bed and starts to cut me again.

Just when I was about to loose conscienceness, someone bursts through the doors. "Val!" Dean's voice was shaky. I start to cry, I've missed him. Dean punches the man. He pulls out his hunting knife and puts it up to the man's face.

"No, he isn't a demon, Dean." I yell right before he stabs the man. Dean stops and punches the guy again before grabbing me. Pulling me into his arms he brings me back to Lisa's house. But I didn't want to go to Lisa's house. I thrash my limbs and try to stop Dean from taking me back. "Please, Dean. Let me come with you."

He lays me down on the couch and everyone leans over me. Ben wasn't looking into my eyes though. "Why are bleeding?" Ben looks at Dean. I could see the feat in their eyes. Sam pulls Lisa away while Ben lifts up my shirt. Ben looks away, but Dean comtinues to look.

The cuts were deep. Too deep.

Dean puts his hands together and starts to whisper. Castiel appears, but when he sees me he looks away. "Cas, you need to help her." Dean demands. Castiel shakes his head no. "She could die, Cas! I know I should be telling you to go, but please help her. If you really are trying to make me happy, then you should do this."

I shake and thrash again when Castiel gets closer with his hand. "Help me, Dean! He's going to hurt me!" I cry. Dean holds me down while Castiel's two fingers touch my forehead. Everything goes black.

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