40. Future

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"Alice?" His voice was stern but quiet as he looked down at his bonded. "Look at me," he adds.

She opens her eyes as he slowly lets go of her collar.

"Wha-whats going on here?!" Sermon tried to seem confused. "Just kill the traitor and, we'll fight the intruders!" He says hectically.

"You're right, uncle," Theodore says his back still turned to his uncle and his face still close to Alice'. She could feel his warm breath on her face. "Let's kill the traitor." He said as his eyes grew dark. He lifts the sword of the princesses throat, spins it around and stabs his uncle right in the chest all in a swift movement.

"Fuck you, Sermon." He adds quietly as he pulls out the sword out again and lets his uncle drop to his knees. He gurgles blood, cursing at Alice and the King before falling on his front and turning unconscious.

Alice could finally breathe again. She exhaled, like she'd exhaled every bad thing she'd ever felt before.

The soldiers gasp, seeing their apparent 'soon-to-be-King' dead on the ground. As soon as they'd found their way into the Kings chambers, they'd found their way back out as well. They ran away as far as they could as the early morning light painted the room in and orange gold.

"Alice." The King hadn't turned back to her, but she quickly noticed his shoulders shaking.

The sound of him sniffling indicated that he was shedding tears. He stroked his face and hair before turning to her showing her the crying mess he was now. "I'm so fucking sorry," he sobbed. "I'm so very sorry!"

Alice contemplated but Theodore went on. "I'm sorry for everything I've done to you and your country. I'm sorry for scaring you and for causing you pain. I'm sorry for what I did to your brother. And I'm sorry for starving you and locking you up." The feeling of guilt was gnawing at him and every tear he shed spoke more words of an apology than any words he could possibly find.

Alice looked at him. She looked at the man who's caused her the biggest pain and fear she'd ever felt. At the same time she looks at the man she loved so dearly.

"I'll do anything to make it up to you, I swear it." He goes on wiping his face with his arm. "This country is yours from now on and I'm forever in your debt." He lowers his head, not even daring to look the woman in the eyes that he's hurt so many times.

She doesn't know what to say but the tears in her eyes suggest that this had been an apology she's been waiting for. She didn't want to speak any longer. Enough has been said and done, she thought. Theodore is startled when the princess bumps into him forcing him into a big hug. She sobbed into his chest and let out everything that had happened. He held her for hours on end as they both cried their hearts out.

*1 week later*

Alice sat with next to the white sheets of Parcivals bed. They'd spoken for hours and she'd forced him to take the medication that the doctor had told him to take. Parcival had fallen asleep and now Alice was left alone with her thoughts.

Theodore had had much to do these last few days. After the intruders fled, his knights needed medical attention and burials had to be planned. Parcival and Jaxon had stayed hidden until we told them the coast was clear and Theo had made sure that Parcival was tended too by the castles best doctor. When the Princess and the King saw each other they spoke of formal things like how the burial was planned and what else had to be done.

They both knew at one point they were going to talk to each other about each other and how life would go on. King Theodore kept the conversations short and seemed withdrawn when it came to Alice and she thought he was trying to ignore her. Maybe out of shame for his wrongdoing? She didn't know.

The truth behind his distancing, was that he was scared of her plan. She would leave him. He was sure of it. As soon as her brother was better they'd probably both go back to Lyria. He couldn't bare the thought. He understood if she didn't want to be around him after everything he'd done, but without her he'd be half a man. How could he live with himself if she was his better half. Now he saw her tending to the wounded, laughing with her brother and mourning over lost servants. He watched her unbeknownst to her. He couldn't speak to her, or hold her like he wished but at least she was here. Close to him.

Alice brought the blanket up to Parcivals shoulders before turning and leaving. She'd speak to King Theodore today. She couldn't stand the distance.

His plan was to step off the throne and crown her as the Queen of Walzenor if need be. He'd work as her knight if he would be allowed.

She found him in the rose garden, where only three graves had their place. One for the deceased Queen, one for the King and a new one for Mrs Jane. Theodore had seen her as family so he'd burry her as family.

"Your highness?" Alice emerged from behind him as the golden autumn sun kissed their skin and a breeze made their hair flow gently. He turned, already trying to think of a way to excuse himself.

"Could we talk for a moment?" She whispered looking down at Mrs Janes grave next to the Theo. His fate was sealed for they would now have to speak about the future.

He sighed. "Yes."

"Parcival is getting better." She spoke.

He didn't answer so she continued. "...the war is over, will you let him go back to Lyria?"

"Of course." He promised.

"I wish to go back to Lyria aswell," she added.

His heart broke in two as she spoke those words. He let his head hang. "Let me serve you. As your knight." He pleaded.

"What?" She was confused.

He turns his face to her and looks deep into her eyes looking for a hint of approval. It was hard for him to let down his wall but he did. "I cannot live without you. I wish to work for you, as you loyal servant."

Wide eyed she looked at him, surprised by his words. She didn't expect him to give up his country for her.

"Nonsense," she laughed. His head slumped deeper.

But what she said next left him falling to his knees, weeping.

"This world has done everything to part the two of us, but I will return to you. And when I do you shall make me your Queen and we will rule a peaceful country together." She smiled at him and their heart were one, as were their fates.

_________the end_________

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