9. Siblings

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"Yes exactly. We didn't plan anything I swear it. The King really does believe in the bond. He is sure of it." I could feel cold sweat at the back of my neck.

He rolls his eyes and then stares at me like I was the worst person in the world. Not good.

He speaks loud and dominant, "Like I said, this is the last and only chance for you to tell me what you're planning. I WILL find out what you're hiding and when I do I'll make you pay."

I gulp. He thinks I'm trying to do something to harm him. He thinks I'm on his enemies side. Which isn't that wrong but im not planning on assassinating him or anything like that.

I turn my head away and close my eyes. "I don't have anything to hide. I don't know what you want me to say, your highness."

I hold my breath waiting for his response. "So be it then." There is rage in his voice.

"Tell me exactly what the King said to you when you supposedly saw him shortly."

A rush of made up stories run through my head. I try to sort them thinking about how it must line up with what I've told him already, when the sound of an opening door tear me out of my thoughts.

It's the young boy I've seen before in the castle.

*King Theodores POV*

Talk about bad timing...
Jaxon smiles at us, while walking towards the table. „You must be Lady Alice, am I right?"
He sounds so cheerful.

"Jaxon....," I throw him an angry look. "This isn't the best time."

Alice stares into Jaxons direction, her mouth hanging open a little. I need to figure out what the King told Alice and as soon as her lies don't line up I would know she's planing something. This isn't helping.

„Yes, yes, Brother, it's never the best time is it? I figured you're never going to introduce us, so I took matters into my own hands."

He cheerfully makes his way around the large table and stops right next to Alice.

She quickly averts her eyes and looks at her lap, leaving her head hanging.

"You're not much of a talker, are you?" He grins at her.

She doesn't move, unsure of what to expect.

"Could I see your sign?" Jaxon asks excitedly. Before I can protest she lifts her wrist and shows him. Jaxon tried to take her hand to inspect it, but she flinches away.

Surprised by this he throws me an angry look. For fucks sake. Jaxon then turns chirpy again and bends down to be on eye level with her. He might be young but since she's tiny and seated even he needs to bend down.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Jaxon says soothingly.

Slowly she looks up at him, right into his eyes.

"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm Prince Jaxon, the sole other remaining Royal of Walzenor, and the brother of Mr. grumpy over there."
He winks at Alice slightly and I hear something I have never heard before. It was slight but it was there. A giggle.

So stunned by this I do nothing when he continues to talk.

"Would it be alright, if I took another look at your symbol?" Her smile has since faded but she nods slightly, raising her arm to show him once more.

"It really is the same...," Jaxon mumbles, getting back up.

I get up from my chair, I've had enough. "Guards!" My shouting echoes through the room.

Two guards open the huge doors immediately. "Yes, your highness!"

"Escort Ms Alice to her room, I must speak to my brother in private."

They hurry to her and soon me and Jaxon are alone.

I sigh knowing what Jaxon is going to say.

"What did you do to her?! Why is she so scared?"

I clench my jaw together. "Jaxon, don't test me! She's a fucking Lyrian. We don't know shit about her motives."

"Yes but this is different! This isn't one of your war prisoners! She's your soulmate, so get a grip." He places his hands on his sides.

I'm get up and slam my hands on the table. "You don't get this! You're to young to understand the danger! What if she ends up hurting you?! How could I forgive myself?? You don't know what that's like! You didn't find fathers body! You. Don't. Know. Anything. So stop getting on my nerves already!" I shout.

Jaxons eyes shimmer. He turns and heads towards the door.


"Jaxon, wait..." he keeps going leaving me alone in the feast hall.

I lean on the table contemplating shortly before going after Jaxon.

I found him quickly, I knew where he goes when we fight.

I open the old Kings chamber door. Everything is covered in sheets and dust and not one candle is lit. It's dawn and only a few remaining rays of light show me what's in front of me.

Jaxon is sitting in the middle of the room on a sheet covered chair looking up at our family portrait. A proud king with his two small sons. His sole pride and joy.

I slowly walk over to Jaxon, before resting my hand on the top of his chair.
"I'm sorry, Jaxon. I freaked out. I shouldn't have yelled at you...," my voice it hushed.

Jaxon whipes his face with his sleeve. " I just want dad to be proud. And mom of course! I want them to look down at us and be proud of what they see."

Proud, huh. I've been ruling this kingdom with an iron fist, never to let anyone forget the respect that they owed our title.

"Do you think dad would be proud, if he could see you and your soulmate?"
I let go of the chair and curl my hands into a fist. "No," I grit my teeth.

"Give her a chance, Theo. She's gotta be here for a reason you know...,"

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