4. First comand

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I nod hastily, before being let go of and pushed to the floor.

„Good, now get up."

I take all the mental strength I have left and slowly urge myself to get up. I finally come to a trembling stand. What does he want from me? Why am I here if he doubts I'm his soulmate? Doesn't he believe in the bond?

My head hangs low as I wait for his next order.

„Strip," his voice holds no emotion.

What? I must've misheard. Please let me have misheard that.

„STRIP!" he yells taking a step in my direction.

Everything starts spinning. „Wait, wha-t?"

„Did I not make myself clear enough?"

I cross my arms and hold both of my shoulders, shielding myself. I hold my breath. This couldn't be happening.

He walks towards me, rage in his movements. I take a few steps back.

"No, your highness, pl-plea-" I stop when his hand extends towards my dress.

Fear takes over. I lunge past him and run. This can't be happening. I knock open the big wooden door with all my strength and run as fast as I can, almost bumping into a young boy, in my tracks.

I dodge the pillars and don't dare look back as I run along the halls that seem to be narrowing in on me, leaving me gasping for air.

I run as fast as my feet can carry me, not knowing where I was.

Why? I've never undressed for anyone! I know I have no say in what happens to me but I'm scared. I'm shaken to the bone.

The entire run I didn't bump into any servants or knights, and since I didn't hear anyone follow me I assumed neither the evil King or his soldiers were chasing me down. It didn't matter either. I knew I had nowhere to run and so did they. My breath was running out and my sides where cramping up as I recognized the entrance door to my chambers.

I jumped in, slammed the door closed and hide in the empty closet. I hugged my knees and started sobbing uncontrollably.

This is as safe as I'm going to feel for a while. I know he's coming for me and this time he'll punish me.

*Jaxons POV*  the kings little brother

Something was wrong. I could feel it. I got up from my seat and started making my way to my brothers room. What was going on?

I made my way trough the small dinning hall when the door I was headed to, was opened from the inside and a small, frightened figure slipped out. With tears clouding her eyes she almost ran into me, but quickly recovered and kept running.

I was confused. Who was she? Theo has never had any interest in women. Let alone broken their hearts, so what was one doing here and why was she running out of his room in tears?

Before I could continue my line of thought, there he was. Raging out of his door, anger in his eyes, hands balled into a fist. He seemed to want to follow the girl until his eyes meet mine.

„Theo, what the hell is going on?"

He stops walking and tries to compose himself.

„Nothing, it doesn't concern you," he sighs in annoyance, still visibly calming himself.

"Who was that?" I ask.

„No one, for Christ sake Jaxon don't you have anything better to do? What are you doing here anyway?"

„I felt something again. Something wrong. And I was right again. So tell me who was that? Why are you so upset?"

Theo walks over to his chair and plops down in it, right at the end of the large wooden table, where not one feast has been thrown since fathers death.

„That gift of yours," he frowns, "really is always right."

My gift, huh? I've never seen it that way. Every time something is off or about to go wrong I get an unsettling feeling. Goosebumps trace my body and my chest and stomach starts to hurt. It's always been that way. Right before we broke one of our deceased mothers vases while playing and even on the night our father was murdered.

"Theo, it's just the two of us, right? You said I can always count on you and tell you everything, so do me a favor and do the same for me. We swore this to each other on that night remember?"

"Okay, okay, whatever, don't talk about it. Apparently that girl just now is my supposed soulmate."

I can't help but smile, "that's wonderful, we should celebrate! The whole kingdom should know that King Theodore the great has found his beloved so-"

"Shut the fuck up, Jaxon," he growls, "It's not that simple!"

My smile drops. "What do you mean?"
I take a seat at the table.

"She's Lyrian." His eyes darken.

"No way." No wonder they're not all sunshine and butterflies. Memories of Theo being broken mentally after our fathers murder flood my mind. He didn't talk for weeks back then. It was only three years ago and Theo was only 16 and I was 10 back then.

He was never the same as before, but 3 years have past, and the both of us took care of each other.

He cleared his throat and went on, "I've received a message from the Lyrian King, saying that he has found my soulmate, per chance, and that he will see to it that she be brought over into Walzenor. She's some noblesmans daughter." He clenches his jaw at the thought of the Lyrian King.

I'm shocked. Of all the people in the world why a Lyrian?

"She cannot be my mate, Jaxon. King Artus is planning something. I bet her tattoo isn't real and she's hiding her real one somewhere unter her clothes."

I fidget with my fingers. Finally I speak, "what if she truly is your soulmate?"

"Even then, you and I know best that the King doesn't play fair. Maybe he's bribed my real mate into something. Maybe she will try to win my trust only to murder me when I'm not looking. Who knows..." he mumbles.

Before I can reply he gets up. "Enough of this..."

I don't argue knowing he didn't want to talk about it.

*Alice's POV*

I stay hidden in my closet for what feels like an eternity, when I hear the door being slammed open.

I'm fucked...

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