13. Fight

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I wake up sweating. My dark safe haven  throwing me back into dreaded reality. Everything is still spinning and I feel horribly weak. It takes me a minute to figure out where I am. I'm back in my room staring at the ceiling covered in my floral bedsheets. I try sit up but a voice tells me to lay back down. A female voice. I hear a few voices but only recognize one of them.

Mrs Janes soft voice speaks comforting words to me before my vision goes dark once again.

*Kings POV*

I read through a petition from a city called Maris, living close to the borders of Lyria. They are making demands for more knights to shield them during the times of war. My eyes wonder away from the paper and around my office. It's on the east side of the castle and far away from my bedroom. Far away from her.

I stroke my hands through my hair. She's ill. Not only is she physically weak but dragging her to her mental limit probably only made it worse. Being the daughter of a noble, she probably never saw death or gore. It's something I've had to grow up with and showing her was partly to show her what I think of her and her people but also to show her I'm doing my best to treat her respectfully. In my own way. It's as good as it's possible for me.

Father what should I do? I'm really trying, I really am. But I cannot simply forget that it was them who killed you. It was them who started this war.

I lean on my table and get up. I walk towards the big window, looking over a part of the surrounding city.

A few days pass and Dr. Daniel and his nurses have been at her side the entire time along with Mrs Jane from time to time. She's getting better but her fever is extremely high, which is what has them worried. She keeps falling in and out of conciseness, at least that's what I'm told.

I haven't been sleeping in the Kings chambers. After carrying her out of the dungeons and calling for help I've left he in the hands of the medics.

Every time I want to make my way to my chambers something stops me. After three days, no appetite, and very little sleep I've had enough. Guilt was eating me alive.

*Alices POV*

I don't know how long I've been lying in this bed. It could have been hours or months I couldn't tell. I don't even know what happened. I recall the King being in my chambers shortly and apologizing. Probably to the doctor for troubling him with me.

I open my eyes for what feels like the billionth time and take all my strength to sit up. Someone is sitting next to my bed. It takes a second for me to recognize her.

"Do you need help, dear?" Mrs Jane smiles a weak smile.

She's not the person I should trust anymore but I'd rather have her here than that monster of a King.

"No thank you it's alright. How long have I been here?" I try my best to smile while my voice comes out hoarsely.

"About 5 days. You've caught some sort of illness and have had a burning fever until yesterday."

I try to recall these last few days with no avail other than snippets of conciseness.

"You must be starved! I'll have you something made immediately, just you wait." Mrs Jane gets up and heads towards the door.

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