14. Court

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That night I couldn't sleep. Mrs Jane came by to bring me something to eat but left after I asked her to.

Eating was a struggle but I got it done.

Hours passed and the pain in my chest went out to all those people stuck in their cells. Their fates all being sealed by the hands of that monster. Could I take in their place forever and in return give them their freedom back, I would.

It must have been close to dawn when the king came into my chambers. I didn't bother looking at him. Can't he just leave me be? I'm sick of his games and his controlling demeanor.

He slowly makes his way over to my bed and sits at the side of it. The smell of alcohol penetrating me nose as he spoke, "I have a suggestion for you."

I don't answer, out of protest I turn my head away. I can feel him take his eyes of me and he rests his head on his hands which are stemmed by his elbows on his knees.

"I already told you, I'm sorry," His voice seems beaten and I turn to look at him. He no longer looks like the fearful man I've come to know. He seems tired and weakened. He's clearly drunken but not to the point of slurring.

Curiosity gets the better of me
"Sorry for what?"

"For showing you."

"You should be sorry for treating people that way, not for showing me how they're being treated." Anger and sorrow trace my voice.

"That's why I'll judge them."

What? Judge them? I don't answer in confusion and the King goes on.

"I'll open a court. And be the judge of their sins."

"You'll just have them all hung or tortured."

"Fairly." He adds.

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"You'll join me and watch."

The room fills with silence.

"I'm trying, I promise." Is all the king whispers before leaving me alone again to contemplate. I don't know what he means, but giving my people a fair court is definitely better than having them cower in their cells. Then it hits me.

The idea is good in itself but I'm the royal princess of Lyria. If one of them recognizes me that would not only put my life in danger but also my family's life. He'd have something to blackmail my father with.

Then again I've never been involved with the army and I doubt anyone should be able to recognize me.

A few more day's have passed, my body has regained its energy and my boredom is killing me. I would love to read but playing the role of a noble's daughter I shouldn't know how to read. The King hasn't been visiting me but I know he's been going in and out of his chambers. Going to the bathroom has left me wondering through his room, but he was never there.

I've been brought meals regularly and my strength has returned. A doctor came to check up on me again, but he only told me that I'm getting better.

I'm stuck in this room with only a bed and a table, and my thoughts.

I hear the doors to the Kings chamber open and close again. He must be back. I jump of my bed and hurry to the door only to creak it open slightly.

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