12. Dungoen

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What happened. I stroke trough my hair trying to remember what was going on before I went to take an unplanned nap. I feel like shit.

I remember wanting to confront Alice after being so frustrated and drunk. I wish the room would stop spinning. I don't remember falling asleep or talking. I get up and ponder on leaving when I see one of the girls wrists. It's blue.

I sigh, that must've been me.

I take a step towards the door almost grabbing the door handle before turning and going over to her. As I thought she was sleeping. She's lost weight. Also my fault. I bend my knees to look at her closely. The floor is too cold she needs to sleep in her own bed. I put my arm behind her back, and slip another underneath her legs, wanting to lift her up.

Her eyes shoot open and she gasps, while trying to shield herself with her hands. "Relax." She doesn't relax but I lift her swiftly and she doesn't try to fight me. She stiffens as I carry her over to her bed. I sit her down on the bed and she scoots back on the mattress as soon as I let her go. Her breathing is heavy and her facial features show fear.

Father wouldn't be proud of me if he saw how scared she was. I sigh and leave the room. Once I close the door I check my pocket for the key but put it away again as fast as I've found it. She has nowhere to run anyways and I'm pretty sure she knows that.

My head is aching. I take a seat at the desk and write, trying to forget my churning stomach.

Writing had always helped me. I write letters to mother and father, never hoping to receive an answer but always hoping to be understood.

After a while I heard the door to the small room crack open quietly. I don't turn around being mid sentence.

"Your highness?" A frail voice whisper shouts in my direction.

"Yes, come." I wave her over still trying to finish my sentence. She waited a fair distance away from me to finish what I was doing. This is the first time she's approached me, I wonder what she could want.

She's staring at her feet. "Look at me, if you want to talk."

She keeps her head low but looks up at me.

"What can I do for you?" She seems surprised by my calm voice but answers quickly. "I- I um." She pauses.
"I need the bathroom."

I couldn't help but laugh. I had thought she would want to say something important. And the fact that she was asking me in such an uncomfortable matter made it even funnier.


*Alice's POV*

Him laughing surprised me. I feel ashamed, but I have to go. Badly.

I look back down at my feet. Will he embarrass me for this?

„Guards!" startled I look at him.

His lips still hold a subtle smirk but I cant tell his motive. As quickly as he called, they came in through the door almost hectically.

He gestures towards me and tells them to bring me to the bathroom. I should have known. I'm being too paranoid. We start to the door, it having been a while since I've been escorted by the guards and not physically dragged. „Oh, and Alice. Don't ask just go next time."

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