37. First death

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*Third Persons POV*

Alice curls up into a ball next to the hay covering Jaxon. She then pretends to be sleeping and but lifts her head when the cell is lit up. It's a man, armored halfway, who's lighting up the dark cell with a torch through the bars, which hasn't seen light in days now.

The man stops in his tracks and double checks the cell, while Alice and Jaxon hold their breaths. He then proceeds to turn and look into the other cells. "Most a' these are empty!" He shouts to his compadre impatiently.

Alice had noticed that almost everyone she'd been in the dungeon with had been forcefully dragged out of their cells during the last few days and never brought back. She'd hoped that they were being courted fairly, even though the King was crossed with her, but she couldn't help but think that the King had just had them all hung, not wanting to use the laws she'd created.

She'd been very lonely during these days, but this wasn't the typ of company she'd been hoping for. She tried not to but she'd hoped the King would come and talk to her. Even if he'd yell at her at least she'd be able to see him.

The man with the torch had worn the color blue along with armor similar to that of Lyria. Alice wasn't fooled, in fact she was scared. The men that were trying to find the prince and that worked for Jaxons uncle where pretending to be Lyrian. This couldn't be happening. Alice saw at first glance that this wasn't one of her countries knights, but more so goons in armor.

Sermon had dressed his hired soldiers in the color of her country so the suspicion wouldn't be on him even if they lost.

After a few more moments Sermons goons leave the prison again and the tension eases. Alice and Jaxon sneak out of the cell to the entrance door. "If we can get to the study we can use a secret passage to hide... but I don't know how to help Theo." Jaxon thinks out loud.

"I need to go get someone." She says.

"Wait what? Who? From where?"

"My brother. He's locked up here, I hope that is."

"Your brother is here?" Jaxons eyes shimmer in confusion.

"Yes, I'll be right back." She says, and looks through the keys for the smaller ones which are for shackles.

Her head was still aching but she didn't care as she hurried to her brother. She took out the plank lock and ripped open the door hoping with all her heart that Parcival was still there. And he was! She ran down the stairs and hugged him tightly.

"Thank god!" She wept happily, but her joy had been too soon. His glazed eyes looked up at her before giving her a weak smile. She could feel it. He'd been burning up and his wounds were getting worse. "I'm so happy you're alright, Ali." He croaks. She'd seen him sick before but he looked horrible. His face was as white as snow and his cheek and collar bones were sticking out, from a lack of food.

While all this had happened Theodore had spoken to his uncle, unaware of what was truly happening. Sermon had told the King "worriedly" that he'd noticed some strange intruders before hiding the young prince and coming to warn Theodore of the dangers.

"I should be out there! Fighting!" Theodore stresses his uncle. "I know, I know! But if you fall, everything is lost!" He calms him. Once the little prince was caught by his men they'd come to the Kings chambers, where he'd surrender the location of his mated to Lord Sermon, if he'd want his brother to live on. It was all part of his plan.

"What if they find Jaxon?!" The King paces in his chamber back and forth. He'd not admit it but to say he wasn't worried about Alice either would have been a lie.

"They won't, your highness. He's hidden away in a secret passage way, your father had shown me once."

"So I'm just supposed to sit here until they find us?"

"I've warned your soldiers, those intruders stand no chance of winning. We must wait it out until everything is cleared." Sermon lied through his teeth. Behind his worried facade, Sermons fingers where crippling with excitement, as he'd soon wear the crown of two countries.

Theodore felt useless. His castle was being overtaken and he couldn't do anything. There'd been no way to get into the castle without anyone noticing he thought. That's when he assumed that he understood. Someone from the inside had to have helped them. Had Alice somehow been at fault for this? But how? Or did her brother somehow help Lyrians into his castle?

Although uncle Sermon hadn't confirmed that the intruders were Lyrian, King Theodore was sure that they were. Who else would attack the castle?

The feeling of betrayal grew in his stomach giving him a bitter taste. He'd been stupid to trust her or have pity on her or any Lyrian for that matter....

Below them Alice and Jaxon were doing their best to carry Parcival out of the dungeon and up the stairs into the grand study without being seen. As they opened the door to the study, sweat dripping of their faces, a soldier came running. It was one of the intruders.

"Get over here!" He shouted, as they hurried into the study and closed the door quickly. Alice set down her brother and ran to the desk before pushing it behind it to block the door from opening. It was very exhausting, and without the adrenaline and fear coursing her veins she would have never been able to move that desk.

She needed a weapon, quickly. She'd spent so much time here that she knew exactly where an old sword was hung as decoration. She ripped it of the wall as the sound of the door slamming against the desk rung in her ears. Jaxon had frozen in fear and while Parcival had the skill and will to fight he couldn't even stand upright.

Alice got behind the door and on the desk, trying her best to keep her balance as the door gap was being pushed open more and more. She'd never held a sword in her life but now was definitely not the time to contemplate.

She wouldn't be able to match anyone in a fight but she could use the element of surprise. Her eyes didn't blink once as she couldn't miss her only chance. She only had one after all.

"I'm coming for you little prince," The man yelled being close to fitting through the gap of the door. His eyes didn't see a young terrified boy, they only saw the gold that had been promised to the one who'd bring Sermon the prince. His yellow teeth turned into a wide grin as he slammed the door with his shoulder one last time.

That was her chance. He'd taken his first step into the room through the gap, and Alice swung the sword down on him with all the fight she had in herself.

Blood had splattered everywhere as she broke his skull leading him into the arms of death quickly. She'd probably never forgive herself for taking a life but it was him or them, and she wasn't going to let her brother or Jaxon die.

She'd felt like she'd lost her humanity and Theodore felt like he'd been betrayed more than ever and everything was leading towards their doom. She was now broken and he was furious.


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