28. Bad news

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12 days have passed and I've made many laws and punishments, argued with the King a few times during dinner, and made lots of progress. There was something morbid about me writing down laws to judge my former people with, but on the other hand, the King won't be doing it if I don't. And there will be no justice for anyone.

High-ranked knights will be able to pay for their freedom, if they've surrendered during their fight. Lower ranked knights will be put to work in Walzenor for a while to regain their freedom. I've done my best to argue with the King, but he won't be having it any other way regarding war prisoners who, have killed someone from Walzenor. Theodore says that if someone is an eyewitness of a murder of one of his people be it a knight, during a fight or a peasant walking by, they will be hung.

There's many more laws and things to do, but I've been sitting over these scattered pages from dusk to dawn for about two weeks now. I've only been seeing the King for dinner, but either we're both to tired to speak or we argue. We're annoyed at each other but at least neither of us have gone as so far as to get verbally abusive. I hadn't slept well these last few nights, my thoughts keeping me awake regarding the new laws, leading to my eyes dropping closed repeatedly during yesterday's supper. The King had kindly brought me to my room earlier to have me sleep.

A few days ago, Prince Jaxon even came by the study. He was a very kind hearted person, but his eyes had the held the same pain as the Theodores. It was difficult, to put of his questions about my life back in Lyria but I also enjoyed speaking with him. He told me how he had been visiting his uncle for a while, but had returned back to the castle after having caught a stomach bug.

I had read through many books about rights and wrongs and previous laws, as I was doing now. It was a beautiful day, the spring rays of sunlight lighting the room up, as the door must've been creeped open without my knowledge.

Seated in my chair and reading, trying to understand a few words I had never seen before, a voice broke my concentration, "I see you're busy reading about my grandfathers laws."

The King had entered the study and was now standing behind my chair leaning over my shoulder. I doubt he felt it as well, but it was building up a tension, having him so close as he leaned directly over my shoulder, looking into the old book.

"I-I was fascinated by his view of morals, I thought maybe it could've helped me," I say self-consciously.

The King leans back into his stance and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in. "I'm afraid he never witnessed a war during his lifetime, so I doubt it will be of help." He shrugs.

"What do I owe the pleasure?" I ask trying to change the subject as I fold the book shut. The King had not been here since he first showed me the study.

"Pleasure?" A cheeky smile traces his lips as he walks around my table.

He takes an armchair from the side of the room and starts pushing it towards the table before adding, "I just wanted to check on my little busy bee. It is my castle after all."

His annoyingly cheeky behavior says he's in a good mood. Also since when does he give me nicknames?

As he sits down in his chair across from me, I see that there is a different aura to him today. His eyes shine with self-confidence and his tall demeanor looks mighty as always as does the crown atop his head.

"So how are things getting along?"

Surprised by his question I look around  my desk of messy papers quickly. "Its going well, your highness. I don't want to overestimate myself but I think I could be done with everything before the moon reaches its fullest." That leaves me another week time, and I was getting closer and closer to almost all scenarios.

"Alice." The King suddenly turns serious. That is truly never a good sign.

"They're here," he adds and I know exactly what he means. The prisoners have arrived and I wasn't done. His eyes narrowed into mine as the wave of grinding stress hits me.

"How much time do I have?" I ask. King Theodore needed the prisons empty by the time another wave of prisoners where to come as he wanted each and everyone of them here. In one of our previous disputes he made very clear to me that he would need the laws to be enforceable quickly so that he could make room for new prisoners otherwise he would just have them all killed after questioning them.

"3 days." He looks at me with a serious look.

"Okay, i'll try to get everything done." I look down at my notes.

"I do not wish to be impolite, but could you excuse me your highness?" I ask stressed.

The King frowns at me but then nods and soon he had left. Being in my presence seemed to be amusing to the King. How strange.

I must hurry. I start my final paperwork, where I add all the laws onto one page. Once these laws are written down, they will be given to someone the King trusts. He-or she- will then follow the laws at instructed for all prisoners. There is space for about 300 prisoners in the dungeons but judging all of them could be done in a day. That leaves me about two days.

I separate the laws the King has agreed to from the laws I still needed his permission for. It was going to take time.

Hours later, I'm hurrying through the castle with a servant and a few scrolls under my arm. I was late for dinner, again!

I rush into the dinning hall and take my seat next to the King after dropping my scrolls onto the table and thanking the servant for coming to get me.

"Please excuse my tardiness!" I pant apolitically.

Amused the King dismisses my bad behavior, "what's with the scrolls though?"

"These are the laws I still need your approval on, your highness." I explain still breathing heavily.

The King groans at amount of work before him. "Can't I at least eat my dinner without work?" He mumbles grumpily.

"I know you dislike it, but we're on a tight schedule and I'll try to make it as short as possible." I try to argue.

The King, looks at me displeased.

"Pretty pleaseee?" I plead, hoping he won't tell at me.

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