33. Getting caught

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During dinner the King and I had held hands for most of the time. He'd looked at me in the way Parcival looked at his bonded and it was more than everything I could've wished for. I wanted to be with him every moment of every day and it will be difficult for me to say goodnight because I'd be sleeping in my own room away from him.

Then again the timing for our love to blossom couldn't have been worse. I needed to save my brother, who was chained in Theodores cell. During this time I had to be more secretive than ever.

As we sat there, I seem to have no other choice than to ask the King. I slip my hand out of his and then lay it atop of his and start stroking gently. "I was thinking, about asking you if I could go back to the dungeons tomorrow."

"Why's that?" I can see that Theodores expression looks disproving.

"I wish to go back to helping your prisoners." I try to explain.

"Not a chance."

"Wha-why?"  I take my hand of of his.

"I'm not risking it."

"Risking what?"

"You being attacked again."

I huff, this isn't good I need to see Parcival, and if I work in the dungeon I'll be able to check on him more often.

"I've learned from that situation, your highness. It fulfills me to help people!"

"Or does it fulfill you because they're Lyrians?" His eyes scan mine. Oh lord. It sounds like he's on to something.

I keep a composed face. "No, if they were Walzenorians, I'd do the same."

"Perfect, we have a massive nursery with wounded Walzenorian soldiers, you can tend to. At least I'll be assured that no one will try to kill you."

Darn it. The last thing I need right now is for him to be suspicious of me.

"Alright, when do I start?" I answer trying not to sound as displeased as I felt.

"Tomorrow. Now leave me please, I wish to be alone."

"Oh- uh sure." It was unusual that he wished to be alone, but it was still better than having him suspect me.

That night I awoke from a horrible dream of Theodore and Parcival in a sword fight. I had tried to get them to stop fighting but it was like neither of them could hear me as I screamed pleaded and cried. When I woke up I was crying and I had guessed it to be a sign and I wanted to check up on not only Parcival but also Theodore again.
As I silently open to door to his chambers I'm engulfed in silence. No snoring.

It was odd and I wasn't sure if he was laying in his bed or not, I however decided that Parcival was more important right now. I had a bad feeling in my stomach and it was becoming hard to swallow.

My brother probably wasn't getting anything to eat so I had made up a plan.

I went to the kitchen and asked the servant who was the only one awake for something to eat, because I "hadn't eaten enough during dinner". He asked me if he should wake the royal chef but I told him no, a loaf of bread would do.

I had also told him that I was going back to my chamber to eat and then sleep. After this I snuck through the halls into the direction of the dungeons. Strangely no one was standing guard tonight but it made it so much easier for me.

Soon I was sneaking into the dark cell known as my brothers. The cold, and moist air left me shuddering.

"Alice!" Parcival greets me with a smile.

I shush him and gladly take notice of his regained energy.

"I've brought you something to eat." I whisper taking out the loaf of bread.

"Thank god, I've been starving. I was doubting that I'll be dying of hanging, because slowly Id been guessing it be starvation."

I smile at him, and hold out the loaf of bread in my hand. "Here"

He raises a brow and shakes his shackles that are still tied to the ceiling leaving his hands hanging over his head.

"Right." I laugh and start ripping up the pieces of bread and feeding him.

"This must be the best tasting loaf of bread I've ever eaten." He jokes.

It doesn't take long before he's eaten up and I start checking up on his wounds. To my surprise they're tended too again and he's healing fast.

I'm trying to find the wound on his head in the dark when I hear someone putting the plank lock back in it's place. Fuck. I turn and run up the stairs before trying to gently push the door open again. But I had heard correctly someone had locked me in.

"Is it locked?" Parcival asks, but I don't answer. I've been caught. Not by the King but he'd soon know. Whoever had locked me in from the outside was probably on their way to the King right now. We're going to die. Theodore is going to lose it. I shake at the thought as I felt like these walls were closing in on me.

I pushed against the door harder. And then rammed it, almost causing me to fall backwards down the stairs.

"Alice!" Parcival shouts.

"Stop it, you're going to hurt yourself!" He goes on before turning more quiet. "We've been caught, it's over." He drops his head before telling me to come. I step downwards towards him and hug him tightly as tears start streaming down my face.

I highly doubt that the crimson King will need two hostages, to win this war...

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