3. Arrival in the dark castle

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It all happened too fast. Once we arrived dawn was upon us. The menacing King didn't speak and I didn't dare to ask anything.
I was escorted by two knights to my chamber.

Although it didn't look like a chamber. It was more of a prison or a servants quarter. It was a small windowless room with only a bed, a small table, a chair and a simple closet.

Ignoring all of my questions, the soldiers left the room after lighting a candle and I heard a locking noise.

Was this my fate? Was I to be locked up here until my days end? Being alone gave me the opportunity to think through the events of tonight.

My breathing turned uneven as I began sniveling. Big tears start rolling down my cheeks. Not knowing what was to come, was slowly gnawing at my mental stability.

Growing up I learned that finding my mate will be a cause of great happiness, but here I was. When my big brother found his soulmate, a huge feast was thrown by my father as to celebrate their newly found love. I slump down one of the cobble walls and hug my legs, tears continuously streaming down my face.

Soon after their encounter they married and I envied their love for each other. Parcival was always very aware of his duties towards his country as a prince, but being with her seemed to have changed his motivation. He found something, more like someone to fight for. He loved her and they were beyond happy. Why must I end up here without a celebration, with no plans for a wedding in Walzenor and of all people why must it be the dreaded King. My eyes stung and I grew tired.

Not having slept the entire night before I slowly got up and took a few steps until I was laying in „my" bed. Again I ended up tossing and turning, seeing flashes of Samuels decapitated head in the grass and the crimson King's threat until I finally fell into a restless slumber.


I was awoken by the unlocking sound of a door. I quickly sat up in my bed, my head aching.

A soldier opened the door and took a few steps towards me. He handed me a a red sleeveless dress und said, "His Majesty is expecting you at lunch. I will come pick you up soon."

I thanked him with a smile. He stared at me for a while and then nodded and left. Kindness and manners must be a rarity if you're working here, I thought to myself.

I dreaded meeting the king again, how was I to look a murderer in the eyes and pretend that nothing had happened? I sighed and let my hand follow the soft fabric of the red dress.

I slowly take of my dress and slip into the new one. It fit me surprisingly well. Not having a mirror I didn't know if it suited me at all but I also didn't care.

About half an hour later I was led through the halls of the castle. The marble floors were covered with red carpets only showing the sides of the halls were made of marble.

I was left standing in front of a huge oak door as the soldiers took their positions at both sides next to the door. I looked at both of them confused but didn't get a reaction so I gently knocked on the door.


The King...

I push the heavy door open and slip inside the room only to close it again. Since we've arrived this has been the first room with open windows letting the sunlight shine in. I was blinded by the brightness but enjoyed the ray of sunlight hitting my face.

My eyes adjusted slowly and I looked around at the beautiful room in front of me. It was a tall, simple room with lots of light grey pillars and a huge wooden dining table. Probably made for big feasts.

It was bright and magnificent, the only thing dark about the room was the presence of the King. Our gaze meets for a second and I quickly look downwards.

I see him gesturing for me to sit, out of the corner of my eye, and I move toward him and take the chair on the side next to his.

I notice there not being anything on the table. I thought we were meeting for lunch?

I stare a my lap and wait for what feels like an eternity and then he speaks,
"I don't know, what sorcery your King has used, but there is no way in the world that I believe him or you for one second that you are my soulmate."

I hold my breath.


"Your highness, I know it might be hard to be-" I mumble.

"Did I ask you to speak?"
He says coldly. I could feel his vicious gaze on me.


"No, WHAT?"

„No, your highness."

He abruptly gets up from his massive chair, shocking me in the process, and I hear him taking a step in my direction.

My eyes widen as I continue to stare at my lap. What is going on? Why doesn't he think I'm his soulmate? I don't want this either but we apparently have the same symbol on ourselves.

Come to think of it he has seen mine, but he's never showed me his. Maybe we aren't even mated, but then again general Owen saw it for himself. My mind plays with the thought of him not having the same tattoo and this all being a scheme to get me into his grip. Then again in the letter he received about me being found it is written that I am the daughter of a nobleman. He shouldn't know who I really am.

I glance over to my side to see him standing directly next to me. He grips my arm and starts pulling me up and then into the direction of another door, his tight grip hurting my arm.
"You're hurting me.."

He continues to pull me to the door and opening it, seemingly not caring about my pain.

He pushes me into the open door and I land on the ground. What have I done? Why is he upset? Because I interrupted him? What is he going to do? How am I supposed to please him if he won't tell me what to do?

He closes the door behind himself and stares down on me. Our gaze meets shortly before my vision goes blurry from the upcoming tears.

„Get up."

A tear rolls down my cheek.

"I. Said. Get. Up." He growls.

My body was trembling I closed my eyes trying to think of nothing. I didn't want to be here. This man is unpredictable and horrifying. My body doesn't move a muscle, no matter how hard I try to convince it otherwise.

He walks over to me and puts his hand on my throat, and turning my head upwards to look at him. I feel his warm breathing loom over my face. I choke and try to calm myself enough to breath a little.

"Let me make this clear. I. Am. The. King. And I don't care what nobleman daddy you had before but I rule here. This country is mine. I do not tolerate disobedience I've said this before." I gulp trying to breath, his hand making it difficult.

"This is your very last chance. Do as I say or suffer the consequences. Do you unterstand that?" He spits.

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