27. Task at hand

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„Good, now sit back down I've got a task for you."

I've argued with him before today, and it's brought me nowhere. I don't want to comply with everything he says but frankly I'm to tired to fight him right now. Not tired in a physical way but in a mental way.

Seated back down I sip away at my water chalice, needing something to hold to calm my nerves.

The King settles back down in his chair before explaining, "The war between Lyria and Walzenor is becoming increasingly intense." I perk my ears and look at him. Being stuck here gave me no new information on how the war was going and so far the King had never spoken to me about it before.

"As we speak there are hundreds of war prisoners which are on their way here." Oh god. What's he planning and, "why are they coming here?" I mentally slap myself for asking, without thinking.

Being a "noblemans" daughter I should know nothing of war and where prisoners where being brought, but I'd heard from my brothers stories about the war that Walzenorian soldiers take almost everyone left alive as prisoners. Parcival had explained during dinner that it was highly unusual, and that we must be very careful about keeping intern information as far away from the other knights as possible, to avoid them telling the Walzenorians in case they ever got taken captive.

The King surveys me shortly but then continues to explain. "I wish to find out myself what they know, it is as they say, if you want something done right, then do it yourself." I nod, trying not to think of what he would do to them. I'm glad my behavior didn't seem odd to him but worried again because he looks at me in thought shortly.

"Moving on, to the task," he goes on.
"I know you must think otherwise of me but I don't enjoy my dungeons being filled, and truth be told I was going to have all Lyrians hung." I lower my brows at the thought and he peers over probably expecting me to look displeased.

He goes on, "I hate to admit it but you've changed my ways of thinking regarding fair courting."
I can't help but feel a little better thanks to his words, even so what does it have to do with a task?

"I've thought about fair ruling and how little time I'll have you to judge anyone, so I will have you write down chivalry laws that will not only be fair but straight forward as to speed up the progress of courting. Of course you can reject this task, but I won't be wasting my time doing it." He makes it sound like it's not a matter of life and death for hundreds of people.

"I accept." There's not a doubt in the world in my heart. If I can save someone's life than I would do anything to try.

"No doubt about it, huh." The corner of the kings lip raises slightly.

"No, your highness."

He furthermore made clear to me that he would be looking over my work and if he saw a punishment as unfitting he wouldn't use it. Dinner had ended soon after and my head was exploding with ideas as he spoke. We went back to the chambers and the King was explaining how he was expecting me to fit his standards, but I was barley listening. Tomorrow would be a good day.

I was awoken by the King in early morning hours, but it hadn't bothered me, I was ready to start working. He waited in his chambers patiently as I got ready, but when I came to his chambers he was standing by the window. I thought about how things could be between us if there would be different circumstances.

"Your highness?" The King looks over his shoulder. He was so tall, and very well built. As he turns his eyes go up and down my dress, which I chose to wear this morning. It was a light blue corset dress, with a v-line. He wasn't saying anything just staring.

"Your highness?" I turn my head sideways quizzed.

He clears his throat and gives me his arm. It's been a while since I've locked my arm in his, but it felt comfortable as he was leading me in the direction of the gardens. I felt like I wasn't in the presence of the crimson king, but rather in that of Theodore. Instead of going down the steps to enter the dungeons, we went upwards into another hall. As we enter the first door on the left I still don't really know where we're going.

The room is dark and it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I'm astounded by the beautiful collection of books before me. At first sight I thought it as standing in a library but then I see the writing desk in the middle of the room. I take a few more steps into the beautiful study before me and marvel at the wooden balustrade that traces the room on all four sides. A massive chandelier hangs from the ceiling and I quill and some paper awaits at the table.

"You look amused," King Theodore says cheekily.

"This study is absolutely breathtaking." I can't help but look at the thousands of books in their shelves along the high walls. I loved reading and this seemed like a paradise to me, but I had work to do.

"Can I work here?" I ask full of enthusiasm.

"Yes ma'am"

I ignore that and walk towards the big curtains, only to swing them open dramatically. Finally rays of sunlight alight this beautiful old room.

"Feel free to use everything in here. This study is full of my ancestor laws and the history of Walzenor," the King explains before turning to leave the room.

"Thank you!" I smile, not even looking towards the King.

I resist the urge to look through the books first and quickly start jotting down my previous ideas.

I was not only going to make laws for how to court Lyrians but also laws for the Walzenorian chivalry. No doubt about it that Theodore won't like it, which is why I've got lots of work to to do.

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