30. Captive

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I had completely frozen over in fear as I saw the rock coming down on me in the corner of my eyes. My heart dropped and the world stopped and had turned into a time lapse.

Thank god for the Walzenorian knight who'd pushed me aside and pulled his sword quick enough to pierce the attackers chest instead. The now bleeding man dropped to the floor instantly and then gargled up blood before turning silent forever.

Everyone else in that cell had curled into a ball as far away from my savior as possible, as he screamed for them all to "back the fuck off before anyone else tries anything stupid". But I was still under shock. I hadn't seen it coming in the slightest and had never been in such a near death experience. The knight urged me to get up but I couldn't. I was still frozen, my heart pounding in my ears. I'd been so close to death.

I was then pulled up by the knight and brought out of the cell. I ripped myself loose and started running. Away from the dungeon, away from what just happened. I ran through the castle entirely heading straight to the ball room and pushing open the door, not waiting for the knights to open them for me. He wasn't here.

"Lady Alice?" One of the knights spoke.

I was panting, I still felt like I was in danger. I turned and ran towards our chamber. I needed him.

"Wait! Lady Alice!" I heard behind me.

I needed Theodore. I was panicking. Had my attacker been a split second faster, then it would have been me bleeding on the ground. Dying.


My stomach cramped as I hurled through the castle. Sobbing.

"Alice!" A voice behind me then shouted.


I turned to see him coming my way, looking confused. I sobbed out and ran towards him, bumping into him roughly, as I clung to him.

"Whats wrong?!"

I couldn't contain myself. I cried and cried for ages, not letting go as we sat down on the red carpet. He swayed me and spoke sweet words of comfort to me until my sobbing turned into small hiccups. I was so very tired. Mentally. Physically.

I haven't noticed but a knight came running, who'd been looking for the King to report of what happened.

"What the fuck happened?!" The King growled at him still holding me close as I silently wept into his royal cloak.

"Your Grace, I didn't really see it coming, I'm sorry." He panted.


"Ye-yes, your highness. Lady Alice, went into a cell to aid a wounded man, when another man charged at her with a rock..."

"WHAT?? Are you meaning to tell me- that a prisoner in MY dungeon has a possibility of fucking attacking someone and you imbeciles are to stupid to notice?!"

I clung onto the King. Trying to gather my voice and calm my nerves. His knight had saved me, not put me in danger. Going into the cell had been my decision after all.

"No- I mean ye- No, I'm truly sorry your highness. Please forgive me." The knight knelt down and lowers his head.

"I will personally be dealing with you later." Theodore barked at him, before helping me up.

It had taken a while to calm me that day, but when I was, I made clear to King Theodore that I would have died without his knight protecting me and he finally gave into not punishing anyone.

I'd felt very scared back then, but the nightmares I'd been having have slowly gone away.

I look up from my book and think about the past two weeks. I'm sitting in the grand study trying to think of something nicer than my attack. Theodore had been so kind to me back then.

I close my book and place it on the table next to the armchair. I can't concentrate right now. Not after our fight last night.

It seemed to very strange to me that the same person who'd been so caring while I wept into his shoulder, was the same person that had shoved me against a wall yesterday and told me to "get the fuck out of his sight!"

I had finished some cavalry laws for the Walzenorian knights, like:

-Attacking, hurting or killing civilians is punishable
-Plundering civilian villages is punishable
-Torturing prisoners is punishable

And so on, but when I showed them to Theodore last night he'd flipped out and told me never to forget where my place was. When I tried to argue, he shoved me and told me to get out. We haven't seen each other since then.

I get up from the armchair and walk through the study. I sigh as his hurtful words went through my head. "Never forget where your place is!"

My place was next to him... at least I was starting to believe that. Hopefully it was just another one of his bad moods. Since living in Walzenor I've always had more questions than answers.

I'd been thinking about Theodore and what could be the root to his behavior the entire day and I've had enough. I stroke through my hair with my fingers as I make my way to the throne room to talk to him. When two guards dragging a slopped body, came rushing past me.

"What's going on?" I ask. Since when are prisoners being brought to court alone? He was clearly a Lyrian and badly injured. Blood covering his face, hair and big parts of his body.

"I apologize, Lady Alice but it is confidential." They say dragging him further. His arms and legs are chained and his weight is only being held upright by the two guards holding him.

"Wait, he's bleeding badly! Let me aid him at least." I follow them.

"No! No one is to see him, he might be part of Lyrians royal family! Direct orders by the King!" One of the knights shout back before they enter the door to the throne room.

It can't be. It couldn't be Parcival, could it? My heart seems to stand still as that horrible thought comes to mind. I start shaking. I need to know.

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