1. The evil bond

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Hello everyone!
I have one quick request! English is not my native language so there will be a lot of spelling errors. Please feel free on correcting me :)

Also im writing this story based of a dream I had. It's more so for me but maybe some of you enjoy reading along.

Leave a 🌟 if you like it. It really motivates me even if it's just one.


In this world everybody has a soulmate. Two people that are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Finding them isn't as hard as you'd think, since every two people that belong together have the same tattoo somewhere on their body. It is something you're born with, something that's meant to be. There is no doubt that these two people no matter the status or finances, belong together. Some grow up knowing their future soulmate, some find them later in life, but in the end they always belong together. Marrying someone, who isn't you soulmate is punishable here in my family's kingdom Lyria. My father always believed in the bond. But what if the bond isn't meant to be after all...

"Halt the carriage!" Samuel yells. He sits across from me, about to bring me to my soulmate.

I swallow the lump in my throat and take a deep breath while Samuel gets out of the carriage and holds the door open for me to get out.

Never had I thought my life would turn out this way. I am most likely walking towards death as we speak.

*2 weeks earlier*
I'm sitting in my chambers, reading about the history of my Country, when a knock on the door interrupts my thoughts.
"Come in"
" Hello, my dear Alice." The King says while entering slowly.
I turn my head.

"Good evening Father, you said you wanted to speak with me?" I flash a weak smile but can't help hide the hint of worry in my tone.
Father walks over to the fireplace and takes a seat in the opposite red chair of mine.

„Yes, I did..", his eyes fix themselves on the beautifully carved oak table between us. He seems to be looking for the right words to say as I speak up: "Is it my brother? Don't tell me something went wrong?"
"No! Parcival is fine, nothing happened to him." The King shuffles in his seat. "He's fine, the war at the borders is temporarily on hold..."
"Then what is it that causes you to look so worried?" I start to get impatient.

„We've found your soulmate, Alice."
His eyes flicker to mine. „What? When? Who is it?" I sit upright in my chair.

„Sweetheart, I need you to listen closely." Confused by his worry I only stare, dreading the news. He goes on:
„We have reason to believe that the Crimson King is your soulmate. I know what you're thinking-"
My breathing fastens.

"That he's a cold hearted murderer? A man with thousands that have fallen to his ruthless blade? A man that knows no mercy? He's the reason for this war. He is not only your but also MY enemy, father!" I scream. This can't be happening.

"Calm yourself right this instant!" The old King yells back.

I slump back into my chair. "It cannot be, there must be a mistake..."

"There is none, for general Owen himself saw it during a fight. The King bears the mark on his wrist as you do. He only nearly survived but he did and he's come back with these news as soon as possible." My father explains.

"But father, even if he is my soulmate, who knows if he even believes in it? I am his enemy, he will most likely kill me once he knows who I am no matter if we are bonded or not."

"Which is why he won't know who you are...."

I wrap myself in the cloak I am wearing over my dress. It is a cold night and the icy winds creep under my dress despite my effort.

The borders have agreed to ceasefire for tonight, so that I could be transported over the border to my soulmate. The Crimson King has been informed of the arrival of his mate and they are too bring me over tonight.

"We have to walk the rest of the way on foot, your highness. The roads to the other kingdom no longer exist, and if the King were to see the carriage he would know you're a member of the royal family."Samuel informs me.

We proceed walking towards my biggest fear and away from my fathers knights and carriage. It might be the last time I see this armory. The blue color combined with the silver of the armor, was what I grew up with. My chances of living beyond tonight were dim, even if he thought I was only a duchess. I was still from Lyria and even we knew of the Crimson Kings deep hate for our country.

Maneuvering trough the dark woods would have been a challenge without the full moons light shining down in between the leafless trees.

Maybe he will keep me and force himself upon me. I'd expect nothing less from the Crimson King who knew no mercy. His name alone brought shivers to my people and facing him in battle was basically a death sentence. I grit my teeth.

What had I done wrong? Why must it be me that would have to bow for this man? I was feeling a mixture of hate, fear, confusion and worry.

"Princess?" Samuel turns back to me.

"You will be alright. I'm sure of it," He must have felt my worry even while walking in front of me. He goes on,"I'd be scared as well, but the bond has always been right. There must be a reason why the two of you are bonded." He gives me a small reassuring smile.

"I hope to the gods that you're right Samuel. Thank you for your calming words."

He was only 15 years old but he's always been working for the royal family wholeheartedly.

His small smile turns to a serious one. "We arrive any minute now, you're highness."

My heart fell at his words. I wished I could just run away never to be seen again. I remembered my father lecturing me as a child that the bond is a gift given to us by the gods. That it is destiny that chooses were we belong. I just didn't know if I can believe in any of it now.

We arrive at a small opening in between the trees. "We're here," Samuel informs me.

I swallow hard, and try to get my thoughts straight, as I start to see several enemy knights emerging from the woods. They are all in full armor and fully armed. The color red decorating their armor strikes fear within me. Only one of them is wearing armor laced with gold...

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