2. Fearful encounter

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I freeze as the knights start to march closer, only to become more nervous when we are surrounded by these men. I start to shake. Were they just going to slay me now? To set a sign? To send a message to King Artus, my father? Samuel tensed as well, looking frantically at all sides.

We were here as agreed, so why are we being surrounded?

They didn't move and because of their helmets I couldn't make out their facial features.

The only one moving is the tallest knight, his armor lined with gold. He slowly moves towards us. I could feel the power radiating off him as the clinging figure moves in our direction.

Samuel clears his throat and bows before the king. Unsure of what to do I kneel before the king making sure my shaking doesn't leave me falling over. I don't dare to look up.

"Your highness, it is an honor for me to be allowed to introduce Lady Alice to yo-" Samuel stops mid-sentence.

I look up to see the King walking past him straight in my direction. Samuel turns in surprise, and I look up at the threatening persona walking towards me. The moon let's his armor shine as he moves and it takes a lot of self control not to turn and run.

The king grabs my arm tightly and pulls me to my feet making me wimper. He swiftly turns my arm to see my wrist.

I could hear my heart drumming in my ears. He opens his visor and looks at the symbol on my arm, probably checking if it's the same one as his. I can't see his face through the visor since he's looking down.
He drops my arm and looks up at me.

I was taken aback. His piercing blue eyes seem to be boring holes into my head. He showed no emotion whatsoever. "Come" is the only word he says, calmly but loudly.

He then turns an walks back the way they came from. I was about to follow him as he waves his hand slightly while continuing his walk and says "Oh, and kill the boy."

Instantly his soldiers pull their swords out of their sheaths, and before being able to digest what the king had just said they were cornering Samuel. He had no chance.

Samuel has turned completely pale and looks horrified, his begging only coming out as stuttering.

„Wait, please!" I yell. „Please do not kill him he is only a child!" I run towards the king grabbing his shoulder. I was ready to plea if I had to. Samuel has been working in the castle back home for as long as I can remember since our age difference isn't that great I would almost consider him a friend more than a servant. „He is only a messenger sent by the king he has no fault!" My plea comes out in a shriek.

Before I can beg further a sharp stinging pain surges through my left cheek. He hit me with such force that I fall to the ground.

„Didn't you hear me?! I said kill him!" the Crimson King yells at his soldiers seemingly unphased by my pleads.


"Why! Why must you kill him he's done nothing?" I yell, but it's to late. A thump sends chills down my spine as I realize Samuel is no more. He decapitated head now lies lifeless in the grass. I squeeze my eyes shut in terror, feeling the color drain from my face.

"If you ever dare to yell at me again you will be the next to lose your head," the King growls down to me and for the first time, I see an emotion in his eyes.


My eyes flood with tears and finally spill. They spill out of anger, frustration and fear all at the same time.

Samuels body is dropped carelessly and left behind.
I was so utterly horrified and disturbed by these men, that they proceeded to drag me rather than having me follow them.

My tears don't stop flowing as we move through the forest into his kingdom. Away from my home, my family and my happiness.

I was truly at this monsters mercy, with no chance of escaping my fate.

Before I know it im forced into a carriage along with the evil King himself sitting across from me.  Though the carriage was massive it still seemed too small for the huge dark figure of my 'soulmate'.

I dared not move, as he slowly took his helmet of. I avoid eye contact until his first sudden movement directly in my direction. I flinch as his hand reaches to my face, and aggressively pulls down the cloak from my head.

He surveys my tear-stained face and jewelry all the way down to my dress. Then he speaks ", what's your name?"

I open my mouth but no words come out. Samuel introduced me before why is he asking again? Fear grips me once more.

„I believe I asked you a question," his eyes grow darker.

„Al-Alice," I whisper.

His eyes wander outside of the window. "You will address me as 'your highness' I do not tolerate mistakes. I will punish you and you will never forget to follow my orders. Do I make myself clear?"

I nod.

The rest of the ride we didn't speak. I managed to mentally calm myself a bit, seeing there is nothing I could do to make things easier.

I could feel his gaze on me the entire ride but I did the best I can to look into the darkness through the window and away from him.

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