10. Missing home

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*Alices POV*

I've been twisting and turning in my uncomfortable bed. My "so called bed" is simply a bed frame filled with hay, with a sheet spread over it.

My mind is contemplating on the young prince. He seemed kind but I won't let my naiveness get the better of me once again. I've made the mistake of thinking that these people could be kind once before. No matter if Mrs Jane brought me a loaf of bread. Thinking of food, my stomach growls. No one has brought me anything to eat again tonight. I sigh.

I need to think of a way to escape before the King starves me to death. That being if the King himself doesn't just kill me out of rage. I doubt we will ever understand each other.

Hours passed and soon I heard steps closing in on my door.


I shit my eyes instinctively and try to slow down my breathing. The door is unlocked and swings open making a loud noise as it slams against the wall. I rip open my eyes and sit up knowing that anyone would wake up from that.

It's the King. Who else would wake me so kindly?

He stops at the door frame, and stares down at me. I don't take my eyes off of his while his scan the room and then turn back to me. I hope he isn't here to continue our conversation from yesterday.

Another few seconds of silence follow. I realize that not knowing his motives or being able to recognize his emotional state is a big part in what makes him so frightening.

"Follow me," is all he says before turning and leaving. I scramble out of bed, quickly putting on my shoes which I've been wearing since I got here and follow him.

I speed walk behind him trying not to lose him. After going up a few huge marble stairs we arrive at a beautiful pair of double doors. He stops in his track and quickly looks over his shoulder before pushing open the doors.

We enter a beautiful room, about 4 times the size of "my room". At the opposite side of the door is a huge king sized bed. To the right is a pair of huge red chairs turned to a fireplace. On the left is a writing desk and some bookshelves, and on the very end of the left side is a massive window stretching from the ground to the ceiling.

I look around in awe. "These are the Kings chambers," Theodore explains.

I always try to keep a short distance to him. At least that way I can detect his  coming blows, seeing how I never know when he starts raging at me again.

He doesn't look at me but he takes a few steps towards the middle of the room before going on. "It hasn't been used in years, but I'm planing on staying here for a while." His voice holding no emotion. Why is he telling me this?

I don't say anything, being scared to answer him.

He gestures towards a single door on the right side of the room. "You'll be staying there, so that I can keep an eye on you."

He seems to have a fable for locking me up in rooms, but the thought of sleeping in a room right next to the Crimson King himself made my stomach churn.

"Get over here." I realize the King is already waiting at the small door. I quickly join him making sure to keep a safe distance. He gestures for me to go inside.

I slip into the room quickly. This one being much smaller but it has a nice looking bed and a big window. The walls are painted rosé and the bedsheets are a beautiful stitching of pinks and purples. I take a few steps and stroke the bedsheet before hearing a locking sound behind me.

When did he leave? And why?

I wander around the room being grateful not having to put up with the King. My eyes land on the window. As approach it I marvel at the sight. With the castle seemingly being on a hill I can see all the way to the massive city surrounding the castle. It's to far to see any people but knowing I'm this close to a "normal" place relieves me for some reason.

Minutes turn into hours, until there is a knock on the door and a servant brings me a tray of food. I'm surprised by what I'm brought. A big steak and some vegetables, which tastes absolutely amazing. I'm never brought any knives so eating my steak will be a challenge.

Mother used to have us steak served every few days. Memories flood my mind of my mother.

"Alice, dear. You don't need to cry." Mother's hand gently strokes over my head while I hug her tightly, nearly reaching up to her waist.
I wipe my face in her long dress, and try to stop crying. "Mommy, I-I just don't understand." I hug her tighter. "If what we're eating used to be an animal-" I sniff -" then why? Why are we eatin all of the pigs and cows?"

I can almost hear the smile in mother's voice, seeing me so worked up after having played in the castles farm and having seen an animal be slaughtered.

"My dear Princess, I'm sorry you found out this way, but those animals have had a good life. There is no need to cry, it's just how things are my dear."

I set my fork back on my plate and watch as the tears dripping from my face slowly form a small puddle. Oh, how I miss her and father, and brother and the servants. I wipe my face, my tears turning into sobbing.

I should have denied my parents and should have stayed in Lyria. I regret it. I regret leaving.

My mind plays with the thought of asking King Theodore to go back. To just agree that the soulmate system isn't right this time.

Just then I hear something fall over outside followed by cussing.

Did the King hear me? What was going on?

The sound of the door unlocking unnerves me and I quickly wipe my face, and grab the fork only to hide it under the table.

A clumsy King comes stumbling in through the door.

We're about 5 feet apart but the smell of alcohol seems to engulf my chambers. It's not even noon yet he can't possibly be drunk...

He stares at me his eyes trying to focus on my face. "For fuks sak!" His voice thunders through the room. "Why are ya lyin to me?! Tell me now! I know you gotta be hidin somethin! Stop *hick* being so darn difficult!"

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