19. A familiar face

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His chuckle turned louder and soon he's clapping his knee and holding his stomach from all the laughter.

My eyes turn glazed. I ball my hands into a fist, "Well this might be funny to you, but I want my first to be with someone special! But you couldn't care less, could you." I stomp towards my chamber.

I'm actually hurt by his actions. I know I shouldn't have just blurted the question out but I need to know and he's not capable of taking me seriously. Although through his reaction I'm pretty sure we didn't have sex.

The king tries his best to calm his laughing. "wait,...... stay," he's still chuckling.

I keep going I'm not in the mood for this. "Stay!" His voice echoes through the room, with pure authority. I stop in my tracks but don't turn back. Let's get the yelling over with. I hear him get up and walk towards me.

He yanks my arm hard making me turn. "I swear to god, if you don't learn to follow my orders without me having to repeat myself I will have you locked away." His eyes are wide in rage and suddenly I wish to hear his laughter after all.

"Is that clear?!"

"Yes." I yank my arm out of his and take a step back.


"We didn't have sex, don't worry...," he grits.

I nod, was that so hard?

"You drank to much and fell asleep during dinner and I brought you back here." He shifts his weight from one foot to the other before going on,
"You didn't want to sleep in your chambers, because you were scared of the King."

"That's silly," I say embarrassed. Oh god, I fell asleep at dinner...

"Wait, wait, you said I fell asleep at dinner?"


"Did I just fall asleep during eating?"


"Could you be a bit more precise?"

"Okay, as you wish. You tried to keep up with me, in terms of drinking." A smirk creeps into his face, making his already defined jawline, even more visible.

"I remember that." I look away, already embarrassed.

"Then you pushed away your plate and decided to to take a nap on my dining table." He's clearly amused by my embarrassment.

"Oh god." I can feel my cheeks turn red and my ears turn warm.

"After that I brought you back here because you probably would've been stupid enough to fall down some stairs or not find your way back."

I fold my arms, not even being able to look him in the face. His choice of words isn't exactly flattering, but yesterdays actions were nice if he isn't lying to me.

"And I've told you the rest..." He yawns and leaves me standing alone, going back to his bed.

I still have questions, but he tells me to leave and I go back to my room.

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