35. Heart says yes, head screams no

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It is not long until I'm thrown into a barred dark cell, making my left hand pain horribly. I then hear a locking sound and soon I'm left in complete silence and darkness. I don't move a muscle, laying heavily breathing on the cold cobble floor and I can almost hear the blood dripping off my head.

I'm in so much pain, my senses are dulled and even tough I'm laying down everything is spinning. I try closing my eyes but it makes me horribly nauseous, so I open them again.

My head is throbbing and my wrist is probably sprained, but it's nothing compared to how much my heart aches. I'd fallen in love with the same man who's probably going to kill me. I was pathetic and what made it worse was that I wanted to see him, and explain myself. I wished to make things right and to see him for dinner.

But that will never be. Slowly I understood that I now had nothing left. No home. No love. No life. My willpower was drained and if it wasn't for Parcival I wouldn't care what would happen to me from this point on. I then weep a while before the exhaustion kicks in and not even my pain can keep me awake...

*Third Persons POV*

And while Princess Alice had cried herself to sleep, King Theodore was in the training chamber, where he had tried to let out his anger by fighting. The swords swung and he told other knights and fighters to give their all. But he had gone all out, until finally he'd broken a knights arm and no one dared to challenge him any longer.

Hate and betrayal consumed him, as he felt confused and hurt by the truth. He'd thought her to be the one. He didn't want to believe it at first but what he'd felt for her felt almost unreal. And she had felt the same. The castle doctor came running to aid the screaming soldier who's pain was great as he held his broken arm.

Theodore stood there, panting, staring until he felt gazed of hate and fear on him. He didn't care but it annoyed him so he turned and left.

Suddenly everything had made sense. He had trusted her even if he pretended he didn't, but when he was informed that she'd acted strange in the middle of the night and been told that she'd snuck to the enemy prince, he wanted her to suffer. She'd betrayed him. Hurt him. Left him looking like a fool.

He thought she was working for the King of Lyria after all, but when he had seen her clinging to the prince, he knew they knew each other.

She was the princess of a country he'd sworn to destroy. He should be happy because now he had both siblings locked up, there would be no way that King Artus would think that Theodore was bluffing. He wasn't happy. He was distraught. As he slandered through the halls to his chamber he'd gotten so mad he'd taken a vase of of a small table and slammed it against the wall before walking on.

He didn't know what do to. Standing in the chambers felt like he'd come home but now it felt like his home was empty. He dared not glance over to the door to her chamber.

At night during his dreams she'd called for him, crying, begging and he woke up every time shortly after they'd fallen into each other's arms again. On the third night after King Theodore had caught her he'd woken up with tears in his eyes. It had been ages since he last cried.

The picture of her lying in a dark dungeon, wounded, haunted him. Every cell in his body wanted to go get her, aid her, hold her, and resume their life before the truth. But his heart had forbidden it. This war was about more than her and him her thought.

Unbeknownst to him his uncle Sermon had been up to no good. It was never the Lyrians that had killed the previous King but him. He'd told his knight to tell anyone that saw that the King had been killed that he's from Lyria to start a war. It had all gone according to Sermons plan and now that he'd been staying in the royal castle he was closer to becoming the King of Walzenor than ever. He'd kill Theodore and the young prince to finally become King, before telling Lyria that he'd not want to fight, but that would be a hoax. He'd go there only to slaughter the royal family and soon he's be the most powerful King of both lands. But something was stoping him. Theodores mate.

Lord Sermon needed her dead aswell or she would have the right to rule the country of Walzenor because of her mark. Theodore hadn't introduced his uncle to her yet and he'd seen no females other than the servants. Of course lord Sermon knew nothing of the mate being the princess and that she'd been locked up.

All lord Sermon knew is that he had to find her and kill her along with Prince Jaxon and King Theodore. They'd all have to bleed for him.

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