32. Loving the enemy

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Parcival was weak, but his wounds have been tended too by someone and he was getting better.

"Why on earth are you here?" Parcivals voice breaks as he asks.

"You haven't been home have you?" I giggle.

"The crimson King is my bonded. I've been living here with him."

"You went to Walzenor because that- that monster is your bonded!?" He almost spits.

"Yes." I lower my eyes. Mother and Father hadn't had the chance to tell him.

"You're insane." He tries to sit up straight but flinches at the pain.

"Oh god, I wish I could ease your pain." I whisper.

"It's okay I've gone through worse but how about you distract me a little. Tell me how've you been doing here?" He looks almost pitiful while he asks me.

A lump starts growing in my throat as I open and close my mouth trying to find the right words. I can't explain everything that's happened and what I've felt so far. I've hidden in closets, learned about the reason for this war, almost been killed and have started to love my bonded I think. However I've been hurting most of the time. I big tear rolls down my cheek.

"It's okay Ali. You're alright." My brother gives me a comforting smile before turning very grim. "Has he been hurting you?" He scans up and down my body looking for any wounds or bruises.

"No, no. I'm fine. He's fine. No, um the King and I've gotten to understanding each other." I smile at him through my tears before adding, "I've just been lonely, is all."

"I wish I could hug you, Ali." He shakes his arms making the chains rattle a bit. "But the circumstances aren't making it easy." He jokes. Giggling I hug him once more.

"I'm so glad to see you Parcival. But we need to get you out of here, quickly."

"Wouldn't it be possible for you to speak well of me, you know to your bonded, so I don't have to die?" My brother jokes.

"I would, but uh- he doesn't know I'm the princess. In fact he thinks I have no real connection to the royal family. If he'd known he would've killed me before we could even speak to each other."

"Darn, ok. Wait are you here secretly?"

"Yes. I snuck out. Speaking of which I should get back to before the guard of the dungeon wakes up." I mumble.

I hug Parcival tightly and promise him that everything will be okay and that I'll find a way for him to get out of here.

"I'll come back soon," I promise before leaving and making sure that the door is barred up again.

After walking through the dungeon and sneaking past the sleeping guard it doesn't take long before I'm sneaking through the Kings room into mine again. Thank god, he's a heavy sleeper. It was already close to morning but I fell asleep instantly after plopping into my bed.

That midday I was awoken by Mrs Jane wo'd noticed that no ones seen me all day. After getting ready I returned to the grand study. I wasn't planning on reading, but I needed time to think. If I could find a way out of the castle maybe I could sneak him out in the middle of the night. I don't even know if or how long Theodore is planning on keeping him alive. He's going to use him to get to mother and father but I'm pretty sure they won't take the bait. I doubt they'd be so foolish. Parcival also told them before to never try to have him saved. I contemplate on telling Theodore about me being the princess and then begging him to let Parcival go and take me as a hostage instead, but this would probably result in both of us being hung.

My feeling for the crimson King were there but I still feared him in a way.

Th door creaks. "Hello, Lady Alice." Speak of the devil.

"Hello, your highness." I get up and bow my head a little.

"Aren't you being polite today?" The King smiles at me and stops only a few inches away from me. It was almost unreal to me how much I had to tilt my head to look up at him. He takes a strand of my hair and starts playing with it.

"I've missed you, little Alice."

I can't help but blush. Since when is he being so complimentary?

"Since dinner?" I ask confused.

"Yes, I still don't know what witchery you're using, but my heart and mind is always with you."

He's being so kind and I feel the same way but there's to much going on right now for me to fall into his arms and confess my love to him.

"Such sweet words", I smile shyly.

He lifts up my chin and switches his gaze from my eyes to my lips. The tension was there as he bends down leaving our mouthed only inches apart. I'd fallen in love with him and in a strange way his scent had gotten me addicted. Being so close to him it was almost like our senses turned to one. I could almost hear his heart, feel what he felt, smell what he smelt. My heart beat fastened, and I realized that if we were to kiss each other now it would be a bigger confession of our feelings for each other, than words could ever be. His soft lips gently brushed mine as I stare deep into these blue eyes, I'd fallen in love with.

He was waiting for me to confess and I did. I press my lips against his, wanting us to be one. I wanted to confess and be his forever, and all the worry in the world had slipped away in that moment. It was just me and him, as we gently broke our kisses only to return for more, aggressively. I stepped towards Theodore and laid my hands on his chest and he'd seen it as permission, which it was. His hands gripped my waist, and he lifted me onto the big wooden writing desk, where he'd stroked my hips and run his finger up and down my back.

I love him and there's no denying it anymore.

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