Chapter 20

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Yoseff Earl

I was a loner as a kid and as an adult. Hindi ako palangiti, palabati, or even talkative. I was just there, in the background observing everyone who's around me. I like the silence.

There's a lot of girls who ended up liking me in highschool. I don't know, maybe because of the way I look or they just find me as a challenge because I don't really show interest in them. 

Instead I like my books my equations, my essays and my GPA. My life is revolving around school and being the best. 

I was content and happy in my silent and boring world...then, I met Aislin Laurel. She is the opposite of me. She's loud, she always laugh and smile, she's talkative as hell.

There's just this aura around her...a very bright and positive aura that for some reasons infected a good way. I used to be so annoyed by her...she's persistent, she kept on giving me spaghetti and following me around....and declaring her undying love for me.

She shook my silent world...and I ended up loving it.

Himdi niya napapansin na nahulog din ako sa kanya. Damn it, her laughs and smiles freaking lit up my whole world. Suddenly, I started missing her, suddenly, she made my heartbeat abnormal, suddenly, her spaghetti is the best spaghetti that I've ever tasted in the world, gray world became this colorful and meaningful because of her...

I knew at that moment that I'm already in deep trouble. Alam ko na mahal ko na siya. She managed to get my heart and I'm wrapped in her fingers. At that moment, I knew that I couldn't lose her..

I used to think that relationships are a big distraction, that's why I avoided it.

Pero mali ako...being in love and in a relationship with Laurel is the biggest blessing ever. She makes me fùcking excited to wake up everyday and be at my best.

God, I love and cherish her with all of me.

I can already see my future with her...pero hindi ko alam niloloko lang ako ng tadhana o sadyang unfair lang ang mundo dahil hindi malaon ay nalaman ko na may cancer ako.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Villa Moretti, you have the symptoms of Leukemia...and according to my analysis you're currently in stage three."

Parang tumigil ang mundo ko at napatulala ako. He's still saying a lot of details but I can't seem to decipher anything that's coming out from his mouth the moment I heard leukemia.

I woke up from unconsciousness ten minutes ago. Nahimatay ako sa parke habang naglilinis kami. Sasha is currently waiting outside. I asked her the moment I wake up to leave dahil baka kung ano na naman ang isipin ni Aila.

Si Aila....

Napatulala ako. 

She doesn't know that I have a terminal disease nor my family. This doctor knew my Mom and I know that sooner he'll inform her about my serious condition.

That evening I dropped off Sasha bearing the terrible news.

"Y-yoseff? Okay ka lang ba? Anong sabi ng Doctor?" She asked curiously as we pulled up in front her house.

I forced a smile.

"Wala, n-nothing serious. Dehydrated lang daw ako." Sinundan ko iyon nang pagak na tawa.

Tumango siya at ngumiti.

"Thank you for taking me to the hospital, I owe you one."

She smiled sweetly.

"It's nothing....basta if you need anything, I'm here..." She laced it with malice.

I just ignored and smiled politely.

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