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TF2 X Reader oneshots by Tessa5216
TF2 X Reader oneshotsby Tessa Heart
Look...i know I'm like YEARS late to this party but the characters have such different personalities that I HAVE to make it. Even if other people don't read it I still h...
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TF2 x Winged Child Reader - Monsters And Men by Tessa5216
TF2 x Winged Child Reader - Monste...by Tessa Heart
You were the result of a successful experiment. You were nothing more than a test to the people around you. Nothing more that a thing to expirement on. You were a creatu...
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TF2 X RWBY Crossover by EmikoVictoria
TF2 X RWBY Crossoverby NotAmused
After the lovable mercs of TF2 defeat the Classic mercs, they're fired for no longer being relevant to Mann Co. business since all three Mann brothers are dead and Hale...
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+Tf2 x Reader2+ by LipstickJungle222
+Tf2 x Reader2+by LipstickJungle222
Hello darlings! I'm back with another book, full of new stories to be told; Starring your favorite mercenaries, and you!
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Medic's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Medic's Instagramby Sugar
"Hallo! it iz mien Instagram!"~ Medic Just something fun I wanted to do. I will try to post often! All credit for the art goes to the original artist!
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Tf2 x Reader Oneshots  by Painis_Cupcake_
Tf2 x Reader Oneshots by Tol-N-Sweet-Waifu
I will be adding OCs if you like, other then that it's just some good Ol' tf2 boys, also with Ms. Pauling and Zhanna cause they queens UwU. Fluff and Smut, I will add wa...
TF2 x Haphephobic Reader - The Fears That Control Us by Tessa5216
TF2 x Haphephobic Reader - The Fea...by Tessa Heart
Haphephobia, the fear of touch. It is a very uncommon fear to have. While some see it as strange it's something you've lived with since you were a kid. You would soon le...
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Sniper's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Sniper's Instagramby Sugar
"Ello there mates! Or Sheilas! this is gonna be moi Instagram! 'ope ya enjoy!" ~Sniper All credit for the art goes to the original artist!
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The Strongest of Us (Tf2 x Reader) by -OutbackSteakhouse-
The Strongest of Us (Tf2 x Reader)by Limeny Snocket
(Tf2 x Reader) DISCLAIMER: This book contains content that is for more mature audiences. MURDER, GORE, SEXUAL CONTEXT, STRONG LANUGUAGE, AND SUICIDE ATTEMPTS ARE MENTION...
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TF2 Imagines 🗿 by Not_a_writerTM
TF2 Imagines 🗿by Abby’s flowers
NO ART IN THIS BOOK IS MINE :) Hello everyone! I'm writing this book because I have nothing else to do and I've become obsessed with TF2 I've never really written a book...
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Tf2 Oneshots by AyItsYaBoi
Tf2 Oneshotsby Dummy Dum
One-shots, Smut, and fluff galore! Just request. Tf2 is owned by Valve, not I
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Save me (Severitus) by Fiyshstick
Save me (Severitus)by Fiyshstick
¡THIS IS NOT SNARRY STORY! Harry was so tired, he just wanted to curl up and perish. Harry couldn't remember anything he needed to live for. Harry was terrified, scared...
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TF2 One-Shots (Requests very much welcome)! by LeBoopOfDeath
TF2 One-Shots (Requests very much...by MEEM
TF2 one-shots That's about it. Someone's please help me I'm out of ideas-
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(Smile) TF2 X Reader by GlazeyGlare
(Smile) TF2 X Readerby Alluka
Y/n an ....average? Interesting?......COMPLICATED! Yes that is the word....Let me start again...... Y/n, a complicated girl, who spends day and night on her "Silly...
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Tf2 X Reader by PillarMenTrash
Tf2 X Readerby PillarMenTrash
A one shot book for everyone! From both playable classes to non-playable classes! (because they need love too you know!) The protagonist, also known as the reader, can h...
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The Mercenary Night Guard by MedafighterOK
The Mercenary Night Guardby Meda Price
Y/N use to live a normal life. He had a mother, a father, and a older sister. He HAD a nornal life, but it changed when he his family took to Freya's Anime Convention fo...
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Pyro's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Pyro's Instagramby Sugar
°~Well you guys should know by now! Hope you all enjoy!~°
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Would You Rather? (TF2)  by Painis_Cupcake_
Would You Rather? (TF2) by Tol-N-Sweet-Waifu
The title says it all, Fam.
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✔️words I didn't say - daniel seavey (wdw) by sentyouflowers
✔️words I didn't say - daniel seav...by becca
everytime we got closer, i pushed you away, pulled you right back just to give you the pain. if i was your sinner, then you were my saint, guilty of breaking your heart...
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𝚃𝙵𝟸 𝚇 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 (𝙾𝚗𝚎-𝚂𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜 & 𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚜) by Demolasss
𝚃𝙵𝟸 𝚇 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 (𝙾𝚗𝚎-𝚂�...by 🍓🎀🍓
- ONE-SHOT REQUESTS CLOSED - Please Read The Rules! ----- - Cover Image Is Mine! - Any Art Of GIFs Used Belongs To Its Rightful Owner. - TF2 Belongs To Valve.
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