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Ever since the day she can remember, Aila has this huge crush over Yoseff, ang kanyang napaka-gwapo ngunit napaka-sungit na kapitbahay. The problems aside from his obvious indifference towards her, is that it seemed like she won't even get a chance with him, because Yoseff either treats her like a gum stuck under his shoe, an annoying little sister that he just couldn't wait to get rid of, or just avoids her like a plague whenever they get the chance to see each other. It was like there is something about her that sets his mood off every time.

However, Aila is too high-spirited and in love with him to just accept that. She's determined to do anything to make him just as crazy about her-----even if it means seducing him.

Seducing Mr. SungitTahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon