Bridesmaid || Niomi

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Yes, I'm doing more Niomi point of views than Marcus, IM SORRY :)


"Niomi!" Tanya calls out, and I see her excited face through the glass of the shop. I wave at her and running inside. Tanya looks beautiful. Her face is flushed but her make up is stunning. She's wearing a black dress with black coat and high heeled boots. Her hair is down but covered with a beanie. Her hands are full of shopping bags that gives me a clue straight away that they have already been shopping.

Next to her, a girl, who I am guessing is Caitlan, is smiling at me. Her make up is also very pretty and her long blonde hair shines down. She's wearing a flowery dress and some converse. And I'm wearing the same as Tanya, which makes me yell, "twins!"

"Awh, we are Nimbob!" Tanya laughs and hugs me. A puff of perfume aims into my mouth that makes me cough and splutter straight away.

Tanya pulls away and smiles wearily. "Sorry, Caitlan was spraying this really nice perfume on me as I spun around! You know it's fun!"

I laugh and nod. Then I turn to Caitlan, who is standing awkwardly. "Hi, I'm Niomi. It's super nice to meet you."

Caitlan grins and shakes my hand. "Caitlan. It's nice to meet you too." Tanya claps her hands excitedly and gestures me to the chairs.

"Sit down! I want to tell you the plan! I haven't told Caitlan. I was planning to when we were all hear but I'm sure we can update Zoe when she comes" Tanya exclaims. We sit down and look up at her, who is still standing up, making me laugh.

"So we order breakfast! If you have already had something, you don't have to get anything. Then we are going to go to some shops and try pick out your dresses. I'm thinking dark purple, or velvet red. Not sure which!" Tanya grins at me for a second as she knows velvet red is one of my favourite colours. I thumbs up at her and she laughs. "Then" she continues, "we will get lunch, I don't know where but somewhere fancy I hope. Then we need to go choose flowers for the ceremony and reception. Also a cake as I want to get most things done again. I've already picked up my wedding dress but I'm going to try it on again so I can have your honest opinions."

Tanya looks at us hopefully. "Sounds like a plan?" She asks.

Caitlan claps her hands. "Yes! I'm so excited! Sounds great, Tan."

I smile at Tanya. "How long did it take to plan this day... And don't lie, I already know the likey hood!"

Tanya blushes. "Okay! Half an hour. But it will be worth it as it's going to be such an amazing day, and it's all worth it for the best day of my life. Right?" She says cheerily.

I nod, and suddenly hear the door of the cafe (and kitchen) open. I turn to see Zoe walking in, her hands full of presents.

Crap! I forgot to bring mine!

I manage to hide my disappointment in myself as I say hi to her. She hugs me and Tan tightly. "Hey Tan! Nimbobs! And..." She looks confusingly at Caitlan. "I'm sorry.... I remember..."

"It's Caitlan" she says, smiling. Zoe smiles back and shakes her hand. Tanya (again) forces us all to sit down and then tells us the plan. Again. It's kind of cute though. I don't know what Jim thinks about getting himself into the side, because it's pretty clear that Tanya is the leader.

"Let's order, Tan. Then you can finish, I'm sorry but I'm starving!" Caitlan says cheekily, picking up the menu.

"It's fine, I was starting to drift away!" Tanya laughs picking up hers and me and Zoe do as well.

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