Nala! || Niomi

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Today, me and Marcus are going to give Nala a visit. She's so cute, the way she jumps at you, too small to hurt you. She is so small, so it's more you have to be careful not to hurt her than the other way around. She's a like a baby, having to be held and taken to bed at a certain time. Alfie calls he gorgeous, which is very correct.

"She's learning to sit" Zoe tells us excitedly as we sit down to eat cheese and tomato pasta for dinner. "She's also learning to go to her bed and wee and pop outside."

"That's so adorable!" I gush, taking a mouthful of pasta. "Growing so fast, at such a young age!"

"We need a dog Nimbob" Marcus says, food in his mouth. "A pug, black... Just like Nala.... the name could be Nala 2!"

"Back away from my baby, you cow!" Alfie says, throwing a piece of pasta at him. Marcus gasps as it hits him and both Marcus and Alfie get their vlogging cameras out.

"Guys, I kind of threw pasta at Marcus.. " Alfie laughs and Marcus splutters with laughter.

"Kind of?! Dude, that went everywhere!" Marcus laughs, and finally tells his camera about what he said that clearly got Alfie "annoyed" to the point where pasta turned into a gun. After, he starts throwing pasta back and Alfie laughs and throws more.

Zoe giggles and winks at me. "Come over here, I want to show you something that they don't need to see."


I follow Zoe upstairs to her room. She sits on her and Alfie's bed and says, "Niomi, do you think I should do vlogmas?" She looks confused and sad at the same time, as she clearly isn't sure.

I am shocked. Zoe hasn't mentioned vlogs since the comments about her anxiety. I am surprised.

I move next to her. "Honey, I know your viewers want that but it's important what you want. I mean... If you think it's going to bring back memories-"

"No, no. I'm not worried about that. It's just, if it happens again.. I don't know what I'll do. Honestly, I don't know what I'll do. I had so many attacks because of that and if it happened again, at Christmas!"

"I know" I say soothingly.

Zoe starts to melt down. Tears. "There's so much pressure. I mean, Alfie said last night that I've got to skip those comments because there are people who love me and care. They comment nice things, just the bad ones stand out. It's unfair on all those people who love and care, and I can't do anything because the bad people always win-"

"Zoe" I say quietly, hugging her. "Alfie is right. I know the bad ones stand out, but there are so many people who care enough to watch your videos, comment and like, nice things especially. 6 million of them! So why let those comments get to you! If they do, read a nice comment and I'm sure you will not have trouble finding them because your the most amazing person ever and letting them get to you is silly! They are jealous of you, Zoe!"

Zoe sniffs and smiles gratefully at me. "You always know what to say to make me happy" she says. "You, Tanya, Chummy, Alfie and Marcus, Jim. Everyone I know makes me smile. Thank you."

"Don't be silly, you do the same for me" I grin.

"That's it." Zoe stands up and stares down at me. "I'm going to make a video about that. To thank all hose people who care, and make me smile, and make me happy. Those people like you, viewers, family and general people who say nice things about me. To people who come to my m&g, watch 5 minutes, 10, 25 minutes of my vlogs, or videos. It means the world and I don't think I'm showing that recently. I think I'm letting the bad ones take away the good ones."

I hug Zoe and say "go to sleep and relax. Just take it easy."

"Love you" she says and hugs me. "I will do vlogmas."

I smile. "Your going to do amazing." She smiles gratefully. I hug her again and go downstairs. Alfie and Marcus are talking about gaming videos. Alfie looks up and suddenly has a worried expression on his face. "Is Zoe okay?"

"She's going to sleep, had a hard time."

"She didn't tell me about it?" Alfie looks upset.

"No! She told you, about vlogmas, she just needed another opinion. Had a little break down, so I think you should go and stay with her.'

"Okay" Alfie nods. "Sorry party is off."

"Bye Mate, no problem."

"Bye Alfie!" I hug him and wander over to the couch. "Bye Nala!"

She stands up and looks at me and I tickle her.

We leave Alfie, as he goes upstairs with Nala, and I smile at Marcus. "Love you, Marcus."

"Where's that from Nimbob? But love you too."

And we walk home in the glistening moonlight, talking and chatting, like we always do.


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