Oops || Marcus

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I walk down the street, checking the doors to find Niomi's house. I'm so excited to see her. Even if it is to do homework. But I bet we won't end up doing homework. I cross the street to see Niomi's house. It looks small and cosy and I ring the door bell, walking around in circles, trying to hide my nervousness.

The door opens, and Niomi grins. I stare in shock. She's so beautiful. Her blonde hair is flowing down and her make up is perfect. I almost faint, but I hold it in.

"Niomi, you look...?" I struggle for words even though I should say beautiful, it will sound soppy.

"Ugly? I know, sorry about that" Niomi says swiftly as she invites me in. I look at her again, in shock. "Beautiful" I finish, deciding I don't care about soppy. If it's soppy, big deal.

"Thanks Marky" she says as we go into my kitchen. "Oh I have to say something to you" she says as she sits.

I sit and say, "shoot."

She waits for a minute and then says, "Marky butt butt on the track!" She bursts into laughter and I start laughing too.

"What the hell? Where did you hear that?" I moan, in between laughs. Niomi can't stop laughing. When she does, she splutters, "Less, Dan!"

"That idiot!" I laugh.

Niomi giggles. "Do you want a drink? I have Coke, fanta, doctor pepper, and water if you want?"

"I'll have a coke" I say. "Thanks."

"It's fine." As she makes it, she says, "have you, er. Had a girlfriend.. Before?" I could tell she was nervous. But I have to play it cool.

"Yeah, but I'm not really into anyone right now" I say, suddenly regretting it. Silence. I know Niomi's upset. Crap!

"I mean, I do-"

"Let's do homework." Niomi sits down and gets out her work and starts. She sees me staring and says, "haven't you got homework? That was kind of the point of you coming?"

"I forgot, sorry" I say. Niomi shrugs and gets back to work. I sigh, I've ruined it. I asked for her number, of course. I'm so stupid.

"I'll go" I say sadly. I pick up my bag and walk out the door, not looking behind to see if she is staring.

I've ruined it.


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