Arriving || Niomi

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"Have you got the spare key?" I call to Marcus, who's sitting on the sofa with spongebob playing in the back ground, editing his main channel video that's going up for tonight. That's the thing you see... I always get my main channel video up before him because I'm so prepared.

I've been rushing around, trying to get ready to meet Tan and Zoe in Cafe and Kitchen, the best cafe and kitchen in the world, also in one! Although my alarm clock didn't work so I woke up at nine when I wanted to wake up at eight. I'm meant to be meeting them at nine thirty and right now, it's already nine fifteen and I'm not in the car.

"Yeah, yeah" he mumbles. I frown at him. He annoys me so much! And he knows I hate being late or unprepared. I just feel horrible when that happens. He, of all people, should know.

"Marky, do you have the keys?!" I say loudly. I start rushing around again. I'm so late.

Talk about prepared.

When he doesn't reply, I yell the same words at him. I try to keep stern with Marcus because that's what his mum taught me. She said these words: "Marcus never listens."

I just can't when he's THIS annoying.


"Yes! It's okay!" Marcus laughs. He gets up and hugs me. I struggle against him. The taxi is outside and Marcus just wants to hug me. For gods sake.

"Will you be okay for a while?" I ask him when he lets go.

"Yeah, of course, it will be an hour before I leave to meet Alfie and Jim!" Marcus smiles at me and kisses me. After a five second kiss, I hop outside, rushing into the taxi.

"Sorry for being late!" I say cheerily.

The man smiles at me. "It's alright, darling." He turns the radio on and says, "where to?"

"Cafe and Kitchen, in Brighton Shopping Centre" I say clearly before checking my phone. There's a miss call from Tan. I call her back.

"Hey Niomi!" Tanya's happy voice vibrates through my phone, making me smile straight away.

"Hey Tan, I'm just in the taxi" I say looking around. The driver looks in the mirror and mouths "ten minutes."

"I'll be ten minutes... Yes, ten minutes!"

"That's fine, me and Caitlan are waiting in Cafe and Kitchen, we have a really great day ahead, Niomi, you honestly better be here quick!" Tanya jokes.

I laugh. "Yes, I will. Um... Who's Caitlan?"

I hear someone mumble on the phone and then laughs. "Caitlan is a bridesmaid, she is a friend of mine. My best friend in primary and secondary school. I know she's not a maid of honour but I thought it would be nice for her to come along, so you and Zoe can meet her" Tanya says.

"Oh okay, tell her I said hi!" I grin, fiddling with a piece of ribbon that fall off my dress. I always doddle or fiddle with something.

"She said she can't wait to meet you in person!" Tanya says excitedly. 

"Me too. Where's Zoe? Has she left yet?" I question. Suddenly taxi pulls over and the man calls, "here!" I thank him and get out of the car. "I'll see you in a minute Tanya, I am right there."

Before Tanya can answer I get out of the car.

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