20 years on || Marcus

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I am sitting in my chair, Niomi picked the better one but as I am a gentleman, I don't complain.

A lot has happened this year. I hit 3 million subscribers early this year, which was amazing. I never even thought... Okay, let's stop there, I'm going to get too deep and it will be awkward. Yeahhhh.

Niomi hit 800, 000 subscribers. I'm so proud of her, as she didn't want to be seen at first and now is near to one million. She's amazing and is part of the youtube gang. "Youtube Gang."

I'll also update you on the subscribers of my current youtube friends! Who are all amazing!

Zoe: 6 Million.
Alfie: 3 Million.
Jim: 1.8 Million.
Tanya: 2.6 Million.
Louise: 1.8 Million.

Etcccccc ......

I have got a child now.


I'm still mates with Matt and stuff, but he's moved to LA and doesn't really talk with me anymore. Me and Niomi are Narcus now, by our loving viewers. Well, we were always together but Narcus is pretty cool.

I would stay and talk but Zoe and Alfie (who are a couple, the best couple ever in my opinion) have just got a black pug called Nala and we are going to visit. Can't wait! I will vlog this as well.

I never stop vlogging, because it makes the people I love smile. Deep.


Still not finished this fanfic, thanks for reading so far you amazing peopleeeee xx

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