Stars in my eyes || Niomi

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I walk into my period one, geography, lesson. I like geography because the teacher doesn't ignore us. He lets us speak and listens. Teachers don't do that anymore.

As I walk, I see a guy. He has brown hair, big eyes and he smiles at me. I blush and grin at him before walking quickly to my seat. He looks nice, and he smiled at me. I feel like I have stars in my eyes, I feel like the world makes sense.

That's a lot of feelings from one smile.

"Sit down please guys!" Mr Matton says calmly, taking some papers from his neat box. "I'm mixing the seating plan as you can meet new friends and it should be fun!"

I hear some whoops, some moans, some fake cries, some laughs. My emotions are happy. The guy who sits next to me is a copycat, who cheats all the time and whispers the most yucky stuff to his girlfriend who sits near. Trust me, I'm glad to move.

"Sass next to Rosa. Mike next to Yassy. Tom next to Ethan, and Freya next to Daisy. Ola and Jamey. Niomi and Marcus. Sophie and Kiran. And lastly, Zayn and Henry."

Marcus? Who the hell is Marcus? I go to the seat that Mr Matton pointed at and sit down as everyone walks around to their new seat.

"Erm, hi" a voice says. I spin around.



"Oh hi" I smile as he sits down. He gets his books out and puts his bag down. He lays his pens and pencils out neatly in front of him, his planner away from him with his pencil case on top.

He sees me staring and grins. "What?"

I shake my head quickly, looking away. "Oh nothing..." I say, getting my pencils and pens out, copying what he did to mock him.

He laughs. "Your not the first to point this out!"

"Good" I say. "I'd be worried if I was!"

He smiles. "I just like my planner and pencil case, and everything inside, exactly right. It's not freaky of weird, I just do it."

"Nothing wrong, I just never thought a guy like you would do it like that..." I look at him and he's staring at me, his face expression urging me to continue.

"You just seem like that guy who chucks his stuff on the desk, or doesn't get them out at all."

"You know" Marcus says, clutching his throat, "that would make me cry. I don't care who's watching me. I'll just cry."

I laugh and smile at him. "I like that your not afraid to say that, even in front of a pretty girl like me."

Marcus smiles back at me. "Well that makes me feel better. Thanks, no one is THAT kind to me."

"I'm not no one" I say and Mr Matton starts talking before Marcus can reply. I notice the whole lesson, Marcus is grinning at me. A few times I grin back but the rest I just ignore.

At the end of the lesson Marcus says, "see you next time" and leaves with his friends. I smile and walk to my next lesson.

That boy will be the death of me.


Aaaaahhhhh that was so fun to write! Literally fangirling because I can imagine this in real life, omg!

Btw, the amount of people reading my Zalfie fanfic now it so cool! It's only 20 parts and yet, 1.18k are reading! It's so cool, thanks! And 39 votes, that's so good, THANKYOU!

I hope this fanfic becomes just as successful!


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